Blockchain Development, Cryptocurrency and Smart Contracts

We leverage our extensive experience in cryptography, security and distributed application development for our Blockchain Center of Excellence. From public and private blockchain development to creating smart contracts and distributed ledgers, we’ve worked on a variety of use cases including blockchain for recruitment, healthcare and finance.

Recent Success Story: CoinScore

CoinScore allows investors to gain detailed insights into different types of cryptocurrencies and classifies, grades and analyzes all the products available in crypto market - over 1,200 cryptocurrencies, and over 1,000 ICOs. It also enables investors, researchers, lawyers and analysts to measure each cryptocurrency based on a set of quantitative and qualitative dimensions by assigning multiple scores to each asset.

Blockchain Development Services

We have a pre-built blockchain development framework that you can use to accelerate development. You can perform research & development in-house in our CoE, and get the opportunity to meet and partner with leading technologists to bring world-class, enterprise-grade blockchain applications to your organization.

Blockchain Development

Leverage the power of blockchain for disruptive enterprise use cases. We will help you understand which of your business processes this technology is relevant for. Build your own private or public blockchain.

Digital Token Development

Create digital tokens to raise funds for your business, either with Colored Coins or Ethereum. Every transaction is recorded on a blockchain, providing full transparency and eliminating the need for a third party.


Hyperledger is a suite of open-source projects that lets you create permission-based blockchains. We will help you build distributed solutions for Healthcare, Finance, etc. on Hyperledger.

Smart Contracts Development & Audit

We will create secure smart contracts to automate enforcement in RootStock and Ethereum. We will also audit existing smart contracts for Security flaws, misbehavior and inefficiency.

Cryptocurrency & Crypto Exchanges

Create your own cryptocurrency or altcoin. Or, set up your own white-label bitcoin exchange. From order matching to integrated wallets and liquidity, we will build it for you from scratch.

Cryptocurrency Wallets

We will help you build your own cryptocurrency wallet, complete with 2-factor authentication, public keys for new transactions and auto-denial of duplicate payments.

Blockchain Development Use Cases

The following are some real-world scenarios where blockchain technology can be applied to improve existing processes and add an extra layer of security and decentralization.


Recruitment is ripe for disruption, and blockchain is the perfect technology to do it with. A transparent network of potential candidates, with peer-to-peer, incentivized transactions (in this case, referrals or endorsements) can benefit companies immensely.

Data Sharing

Blockchain can be used to share information in a variety of use cases. For example, to share credit information between different banks using the same documentation, to avoid multiple loan requests.

Blockchain Commerce

Build a comprehensive supply chain on blockchain, to monitor the entire process in one place. Decentralized documents allow seamless interaction and deep insights into the supply chain for better decision-making.

Thought Leadership

ICO / Blockchain Consulting

We support you at every step of blockchain adoption, beginning with assessment. With several organizations scrambling to jump on the blockchain bandwagon, our team of experts will first evaluate whether your use cases warrant blockchain, before proceeding to development. We also evaluate ICOs, and will give you detailed assessments of fiscal, technological and strategic feasibility.


Our blockchain training programs are two-fold: On the one hand, we use learnings from our CoE to educate clients on the importance of blockchain development, and how it can be leveraged for their use cases. On the other hand, we host workshops in USA to educate business stakeholders on the technological and organizational implications of adopting blockchain. Contact us at for our training schedule.

Blockchain Development @ Ideas2IT

We will help you drive implementation of blockchain in your chosen industry by ideating on and developing high-impact use cases. With our Blockchain Center of Excellence, you can leverage learnings from cutting-edge experiments that we’re running, and become a thought leader in the blockchain space.

Areas of Interest

Experiments are ongoing at our CoE to understand the value that blockchain can bring to various businesses. Some of the areas we’re focussing on include:


Capital Markets

Data & Analytics



We believe that many of the blockchain-driven products in the market today are textbook examples of over-engineering. During the course of our experiments, we’ve nailed down a few use cases for blockchain that truly have the potential to disrupt industries. We present some of our findings below:

Blockchain For Social Networks

For Sales and Marketing professionals the world over, LinkedIn is a centralized, dominant source of information about prospects - Where they work, their professional interest, etc. In this whitepaper, we propose an alternative, decentralized ledger that contains such company and employee data. Sales, Marketing and other professionals interested in gathering data of this kind can sign up, and then members of the blockchain are incentivized for submitting and verifying data, and for endorsing other members or performing similar activities.

Blockchain For Recruitment

Companies can leverage blockchain to make recruitment easier for recruiters and candidates alike. All recruitment firms have a pool of candidates. Blockchain technology can be used to create a network for these candidates, with all their data - resumes, skillsets, experience, etc. uploaded on the blockchain, making it persistent. This makes background verification far easier. This technology also means that candidates can be incentivized for referrals, endorsements, etc. using cryptocurrency. Read on for details.