Distributed Ledger Development

While 2017 was the year the world jumped on the blockchain bandwagon, we began investing in the technology way back in 2014. Since then, we’ve built several real-world blockchain solutions for our clients. We will help you drive implementation of blockchain in your chosen industry by ideating on and developing high-impact use cases. With our Blockchain Center of Excellence, you can leverage learnings from cutting-edge experiments that we’re running, and become a thought leader in the blockchain space.

While Bitcoin has kept everyone busy, we’ve been exploring alternate protocols. We’re betting big on Hyperledger, and have done a lot of active work with the tech. Ethereum-based smart contracts have also been an integral part of our blockchain work. Of late, we’ve been investing additional time in tech such as Nebulas, a public blockchain aimed at continuous improvement.

We’ve always been great at identifying and investing on cutting-edge tech. Blockchain is the most recent in a long list of such investments. Besides, our management team has a background of 20+ years architecting, building and deploying world-class tech solutions for companies such as Google, Cisco, Microsoft and Ericsson.

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