Our Blockchain Services

Our Blockchain Services

We have a pre-built blockchain development framework that you can use to accelerate development. You can perform research & development in-house in our CoE, and get the opportunity to meet and partner with leading technologists to bring world-class, enterprise-grade blockchain applications to your organization.

Blockchain Development

Leverage the power of blockchain for disruptive enterprise use cases. We will help you understand which of your business processes this technology is relevant for. Build your own private or public blockchain.

Digital Token Development

Create digital tokens to raise funds for your business, either with Colored Coins or Ethereum. Every transaction is recorded on a blockchain, providing full transparency and eliminating the need for a third party.


Hyperledger is a suite of open-source projects that lets you create permission-based blockchains. We will help you build distributed solutions for Healthcare, Finance, etc. on Hyperledger.

Smart Contracts Development & Audit

We will create secure smart contracts to automate enforcement in RootStock and Ethereum. We will also audit existing smart contracts for Security flaws, misbehavior and inefficiency.

Cryptocurrency & Crypto Exchanges

Create your own cryptocurrency or altcoin. Or, set up your own white-label bitcoin exchange. From order matching to integrated wallets and liquidity, we will build it for you from scratch, and a super secure wallet to boot.

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