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At Ideas2IT, we learn every day. From product engineering to data science, from blockchain to chatbots, our experts discuss driving forces at the intersection of tech and business.

We look at business through the lens of technology, and break down how cutting-edge tech will alter the way companies in various industries operate. These are some of our learnings from working with businesses and helping them adopt blockchain for various use cases.

Blockchain Technology Applications And Use Cases

Thanks to the increased visibility of bitcoin, blockchain technology has gained a lot of attention. Along with the obvious financial applications of this technology which has gained widespread popularity amongst fintech startups, there are a lot of non-financial applications as well. This blog article refers to some of the non-fintech applications of blockchain.

02 MARCH 2018

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Permissioned Vs Permissionless Blockchain

Blockchain is the latest in a long line of tech that’s everywhere; businesses are increasingly jumping on the blockchain bandwagon for various reasons. The hard part is identifying valid use cases for your business to adopt. Once you’ve done this, the next question is about the tech itself.

27 FEBRUARY 2018

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Blockchain’s Disruption of Marketing

The marketing industry is a fluid industry that needs to keep abreast with all new and upcoming technological changes and behavioral shifts among customers. In 2016, we saw the adoption of ad blocking in marketing. 2017 and 2018 have seen some integration of blockchain with marketing solutions.

06 MARCH 2018

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