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We look at business through the lens of technology, and break down how cutting-edge tech will alter the way companies in various industries operate. These are some of our learnings from working with businesses and helping them adopt blockchain for various use cases.

Blockchain Technology Applications And Use Cases

Recently, Bitcoin reached the alarmingly high price of $17,900. This was followed by a steep reduction in the price of the coin finally stabilizing around the $11,000 range. Due to this increased visibility of bitcoin, blockchain technology has gained a lot of attention.

01 MARCH 2018

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Creating and transacting with your own ERC20 token

Create a new ERC20 token in ethereum and make it available over the Ropsten Test Network. (So that we need not spend real ethers for creation and transaction fees when we do in main network) Spend the actual token across available addresses over the same

08 AUGUST 2018

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Why Hyperledger For Permissioned Blockchain

From the beginning of 2018, blockchain has been climbing in popularity. One flavor that is slowly but surely making appearances is permissioned blockchain, We look at what it is, and why use Hyperledger for it.

13 APRIL 2018

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