Apple advances in Healthcare support: What you need to know

Apple seems pretty focused on tapping into the immense need of the industry on supporting mobile healthcare. As an application developer or provider, there has never been a better time to dive into mobile healthcare and trust us, we have been in this game for quite a while now.

Before Apple jumped in, there have been tons of fitness apps, health monitoring apps and wearables that tracked different health data points on their own. The digital healthcare market was booming but desperately needed a standardised way of storing and sharing data with other mobile apps and wearables. In came Apple.

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Top 10 Laravel Packages

top ten laravel packages
Top 10 Laravel Packages

Packages for Laravel
A great way to accelerate development is to identify the packages that will provide the functionality we need out of the box. We have drawn from our experience working with multiple Laravel projects, to create this list of what we believe are the top ten Laravel packages. Packages add functionality to Laravel. Packages can be a great way to work with dates like Carbon or an entire testing framework like Behat.

There are different types of packages. Some are standalone, which means they will work with all frameworks. Both Carbon and Behat are examples of such packages. It’s easy to use these packages – simply by requesting it in COMPOSER.JS file. The Packages mentioned here – whether for routes, controllers, views or configuration – are there to enhance Laravel application, and can be used only for Laravel. Continue reading “Top 10 Laravel Packages”

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