A New Hackathon at Ideas2IT: The Chatbot Challenge

Why are we doing this?

Right from our inception, learning has been a way of life at Ideas2IT. While we have always inculcated the learning habit as a part of our work, we just decided to take it up a notch. How? Identifying and betting on cutting-edge technology is a big part of who we are. At present, NLP and Chatbots are two technological trends that have piqued our interest. We’ve decided to invest in them and as a part of our way of learning, we decided to look for a real-world problem where we can implement them.  What better place to look than within?

The amount of data we have on our hands has been on the rise. We needed to find an efficient way of collecting said data, and do so efficiently. We decided to create a chatbot to collect and manage data. And we decided to make a competition out of it.

Presenting, the Ideas2IT Chatbot Hackathon!

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Mobile Healthcare: Why We Chose Sinch For Video Calling

When our mobility team wanted to build a real-world video calling app for health care, two alternatives were open to us.

  1. Building the video calling infrastructure in-house with WebRTC techniques.
  2. Integrating with one of the popular SDKs for video calling, preferably with WebRTC support.

We did dive into building our own SDKs and APIs, and learnt a lot in the process. But to churn out an app in its entirety and do it fast, we started exploring ready-made solutions available in the market.

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