Understanding and Integrating SiriKit in your iOS App

SiriKit was exposed for developers to utilize in their custom apps in iOS 10. With iOS 11, Apple has extended the capabilities a lot more. Here, we’re going to give you a very quick overview about Sirikit, and the implementation checklist on how you can set it up to delight your users and improve app engagement.

How HR chatbots are changing the recruitment game

The biggest utility of HR chatbots is their ability to perform repetitive manual tasks at scale. This is why automation has become a key use case for chatbots. What’s more, they can do so at a much higher efficiency than humans, since they run on machines.

Condition-Based Maintenance Explained in Simple Terms

Condition-based maintenance (CBM) is about using the actual data gathered from the assets to decide what maintenance activity needs to be performed on the physical assets being monitored. In other words, it is a maintenance strategy that measures operational parameters in assets to determine a change in their condition, performing maintenance only when the need arises.

The Best Frameworks For Building A Video Streaming App

Live video streaming is becoming increasingly common in apps across diverse industries – telemedicine, customer support, field service, education, enterprise communications etc. Maybe you’ve built an app, and want to add video streaming capability to it. Or, maybe you need a standalone video conferencing solution that integrates with your existing enterprise infrastructure.

The Advantages of Telemedicine: How Video Visits Affect Healthcare Costs

Until recently, when patients wanted illnesses treated, or had specific complaints that they wanted diagnosed, they went to see a doctor. They were then charged a consultation fee by the doctor, or had a third-party insurance cover the cost partially or completely. Now, we have a new option – Telemedicine.

Why Hyperledger For Permissioned Blockchain

2017 was the year of Blockchain. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies rose in value, and several businesses adopted blockchain for various use cases. One flavor of blockchain that has gained popularity is the permissioned type, for which Hyperledger is a great protocol candidate.

Why Blockchain Matters To Smaller Businesses

There are many disadvantages that small businesses – in retail, for example – face when compared to their larger peers in the current business economy and atmosphere. Some of these can be overcome using blockchain.

Intelligence + Voice Assistants = Voicebots

Though the websites and apps of today have personalization built in, they are mostly content-related. It still feels like you need to do everything. Click and search and browse and choose and pay and track. There has been a growing need to make it easier than this. What if the user gets a personal assistant to help him choose better and manage mundane actions?