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Hello Mr. CXO! Here’s why you should still consider outsourcing

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You are a CXO at a company. You think outsourcing will cut costs, up profitability and efficiency. But your bosses, peers and other department heads give you reasons, reasons and more reasons to not outsource. Well…here are some pointers to help you counter those reasons.

“I cannot compromise on quality”


We are ideas2IT, a high-end product development company. We invest several hundred person-hours every year to master and leverage the latest tech (please read as Blockchain, IIoT, Data Science, Cloud Data Platforms, etc.) in our projects. We have delivered 150+ projects for 100+ clients such as Microsoft, Oracle, Ericsson, and Opportun. Be it understanding the SOW, developing the product design, handling large work volumes or ensuring product quality; if they can trust us, you could too.

“They will not understand the business”


It’s for good reason that our average client engagement is a good 6.5 years. That’s because we never sell tech to just run up our bills and writing code isn’t the only function we do. Our Solution Architects have deep experience in developing solutions for the Banking/BFSI, Healthcare, Marketing, and Retail segments. If you want to check how we fare for another vertical, call us and we might just surprise you!

“I need to constantly manage them”


Not really. The minimum experience required to be part of a client’s team is 4500+ person-hours. This means you get an experienced team that can function independently and keeps you updated regularly.

“The time difference is going to rob my sleep”


If this is your priority, let us know. We will deploy resources from our nearshore team in Canada so that you don’t come to work with red sleep-deprived eyes!

“Can they speak my language?”

The British ruled us for some 200 years, you think we didn’t learn their language at that time? India has the highest number of fluent English speakers in the world and Indian project managers are known to have clear English communication skills. What’s more…we are also training our guys to converse in German, Spanish and Japanese. Expect updates on this soon. If you still prefer native English speakers – our nearshore team in Canada is always there to help.

“Will they understand my organization’s culture?”


Now you guys are really nitpicking! Anyways…at ideas2IT, we mimic the US work culture with a flat organizational structure. We have intentionally done this to nurture innovation and foster growth. You want to know what a great employer we are…check our employees’ reviews on GlassDoor.

Furthermore, our nearshore team in Canada will demonstrate a work culture that you’re already familiar with.

“They handle only big clients or only small clients”

When it comes to handling clients – we are at a sweet spot. We work with both large enterprises (Microsoft, Oracle, the works) and startups (NeedleNine, Healthy Ngage, Social Pockets and more). We help large companies by adding speed to their innovation-building projects, while Startups love working with us because of our expertise and large engineering talent pool.

“Can they do onshore, offshore, nearshore or a combination?”

Of course yes! We work on all popular resourcing models like Onshore, Offshore, and NearShore. We have also just launched the revolutionary TriShore+++ that is a combination of all these models.

“Outsourcing really helps save money?”


We are sure you already know the answer to this. Several leading research companies state that it costs 5 times more to build a product with an inhouse team viz a viz an outsourced team. Are you now ready to enjoy the 5x benefits?

These are some of the reasons we’ve heard why some companies do not want to outsource. We’re sure you would have many more. So talk2us@ideas2it.com and let us know your reason for not outsourcing and we will tell you why we’re different!

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