Make Better Calls, Every Day

Call centers have an enormous challenge: maintaining a competitive edge while providing quality service, often with razor-thin margins in a variety of sectors. Ideas2IT provides analytics solutions across all call center functions.

Our Analytics Framework:

Data Gathering

Integrate with multiple data sources (sensors, applications, dashboards) effortlessly.

Data Cleansing

Filter out the noise from raw data, so stakeholders get quality insights.

Additional Data Sources

Make use of our intelligent data acquisition framework to get data from other sources.

Machine Learning

Our predictive engines are built to detect breakdowns before they happen, and to recognize patterns in historical data.


Simple, intuitive dashboards with charts and visualizations designed to help business stakeholders take data-driven decisions.

Caller Centric

Automated Call Routing

We use NLP to automatically direct customer call when as they speak, thus improving CSAT scores. Our sophisticated NLP algorithms can interpret long strings of words, rather than just recognizing exact intent matches (“Operator”, “Account”, etc.)

Intelligent KPI Identification & Tracking

We will use sentiment analysis to track KPIs such as Talk to listen ratio, Pleasantness of tone employed by the Agent etc. We will also identify critical moments that directly impact the outcome of a call, and identify customer profiles for convenience.

Improved Call Resolution

We help optimize IVR and FCR rates by segregating customer profiles in meaningful ways: Demography, Reason for call etc. Based on our intelligent segregation, analytics can predict how a call will proceed and guide agents to resolution appropriately.

Customer Support Chatbot

Reports have shown that over 70% of typical customer service inquiries are 100% automatable. With this in mind, we’ve built a chatbot platform that implements the latest NLU techniques to intelligently understand customer intent, and provide responses accordingly.

Agent Centric

Intelligent Performance Trends

Our predictive voice analytics framework automates the quality assessment of agent performance. You’ll be able to establish agent performance trends across all of your clients immediately, rather than relying on traditional quality assurance methods of random selection.

Real Time Script for Agents

Rather than use a one-size-fits-all script, our framework comes up with a real-time script using AI. When an agent talks to the customer, keywords are extracted and mapped to specific problems. Using customer segment and call history data, our Data Science models will map problems to resolutions.

Highly Accurate Feedback

Call monitoring with a typical QA team can achieve only 0.6% of the calls. This is because the QA team for a call center can only review a handful of calls. Our predictive voice analytics work with 100% of the calls with great accuracy at scale.

Agent Chatbot

As hard as it is to handle customer queries at scale, it’s an equally difficult problem for agents to get their hands on relevant data at the right time. By automating the information gathering process, we can help you reduce Average Handle Time (AHT) by upto 45%.

Call Center Operations

IVR Optimization

We use data about customers, historical data on call resolutions and internal data on service/ product/ problem taxonomy. We use cutting-edge Speech Analytics and NLP to provide predictions. The output is the same, but the models are adaptive and more accurate

Call Volume Prediction

Using in-depth reviews of past performance in areas such as call volume, service level, handle time, and customer satisfaction, We will apply past solutions to upcoming problems. For eg: How many agents will be needed on Christmas Day? How will new product rollout affect call volume on weekends?

Operation and Revenue Optimization

We will use Data Science models to optimize call center operations wherever applicable (eg. workflow management, monitoring, etc.).Our predictive models will also help in funnel optimization so you can prioritize your best agents for important calls.

Social Media Analytics

Our predictive algorithms crunch social media data to help with sentiment analysis & customer satisfaction information.You can also gain competitive advantage by understanding the sentiments associated with competitors.

Call Center Insights @ Ideas2IT

All of our solutions are designed to improve the contact center experience, for callers as well as agents. We enable data-driven decision making, and use Machine Learning to drive down overhead costs and optimize business processes at contact centers. Eliminate traditional, clunky operational practices and leverage AI for your business today!