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Why Ideas2it?

Our secret sauce is in identifying the next big tech and investing in it early, for the benefit of our customers. For instance, we’re currently working on Blockchain, Machine Learning & IIOT. Developers here work on high-quality, cutting-edge projects. As a consequence, they receive ample opportunity to learn & advance. The presence of Valley veterans (our founder is a Xoogler) & Ivy League grads further accentuates employee advancement. As a product engineering team, we build product for clients and roll out our own as well. A couple of our products have gone on to receive funding from strategic investors. Our employees routinely contribute ideas for our products, helping the product improve & grow.

Accelerated Growth

Our employees scale up very fast. This is facilitated by a core development leadership team that has been together since the beginning of the company. They draw upon their growth experiences & guide younger developers towards a path of accelerated growth. We constantly invest in new technology, which gives further room for developers to explore. So if you join today, you could be thinking like a proper data scientist within 6-12 months, if that’s your thing.

Always ahead of the curve

When people were talking about Hadoop & Spark in 2012-13, we were recruiting PhDs & mathematicians to build a Machine Learning team. Today, we have a top-notch data science lab that is headed by a Stanford grad. Everyone felt 2017 was the year of blockchain. In 2015, we had formed a partnership with a DC-based firm to work on blockchain projects. We’re one of the few companies in India to deliver production-quality projects in Ethereum & Hyperledger. Innovation is a habit. We keep innovating to create products, both our own & for clients. You can be a part of this journey as well!

We Reward the Best, Handsomely

We follow a result-based reward culture at Ideas2IT. We believe in giving credit where it’s due. If you deliver well constantly, you will be rewarded regardless of your experience, position or hours spent in office.

Employees Are Our First Customers

Above all, we put our people before anything else. Whatever happens, we make sure to keep up their comfort & happiness levels. So much so that we’ve backed out of projects where we felt our employees weren’t being treated fairly. We actively encourage feedback & suggestions from our employees. We hold periodic ‘HR days’ where our HR team spends a whole day listening to what everyone has to say. Such conversations have played their part in what our culture is like today.



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