Open Source Contributions

We’ve always believed in giving back to the community. A lot of our projects involve R&D, and when we hit upon something that we think is a winner, we always share.



A flexible client-server crawling framework written in Go. It was written to act as a layer on top of a regular crawling library, with a lot of glue code pre-written. Apart from standard crawler features, it makes it easy to do things like scaling across machines, crawling through VPNs, using cookies, using Chrome as crawling backend, etc.



Loopback for API + Isomorphic + React Router + Flux. Loopback by default comes with Angular. This is a Loopback starter app if you want to use React with it. We have also added our usual tools of the trade like ESLint as linting tool for javascript and eslint-plugin-react for JSX. BTW, if you want to know why we are choosing Loopback for web apps, read this.


ReactJS + Sails + Redis

Our opinionated take of a MEAN stack (MySql, Express, Angular, Node), based on years of working with server-side javascript. Modeled on, and with additional features that we find ourselves repeatedly using.