Data Platforms for generating insights by Machine Learning or AI

Data Platforms and Visualization

We help users generate insights from data with rich visualizations. And we build data platforms where insights could be generated from data by humans and also Machine Learning and AI.
Data Wrangling

Great Data Science needs ‘great’ Data. In our experience, up to 70% of the overall project effort goes into Data Wrangling. So we have heavily invested in tools and skills in this area.

Acquisition: Scrapping (Apache Nutch, Scrapy, etc.), Enterprise ETL (Talend, Pentaho ETL, RapidMiner, Apache Flume, Sqoop, etc.)

Cleansing: Cleansing and normalization of acquired data using tools like Trifacta, OpenRefine, etc.

Data Flow: Manage complex data flows with tools like Azkaban, Oozie, Luigi, etc

Data Lakes and Data Ponds

We create Data Lakes for storing enterprise data in their raw, unprocessed format. The data in these Data Lakes can be used by Data Scientists for their analysis, running Machine Learning models, or for creating visualizations.

In some cases for Privacy, Governance, Security, or other reasons we also create Data Ponds, that are subsets of Data Lakes.

Data Warehouse

We build modern cloud Data Warehouses using Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, or Azure SQL Data Warehouse. When the data from multiple sources is available in one place, it is easier to do analytics or deploy Machine Learning models.

Data Visualization

We analyze and visualize your large and complex data into dashboards and reports using Tableau and D3. We’ve helped our clients improve their ability to innovate, measure, analyze, and optimize business performance across their enterprise.

End-to-end Tableau Consulting

Many companies sit on a lot of data. But just having data isn’t enough; you need to get the data to talk to you. The best way to start is to have your data organized into concise dashboards, which can in turn dictate your next play. Tableau does just that. Creating dashboards from Tableau is not just easy, it also gives you beautiful visualization. We’re experts at Tableau consulting, and bring life to your data. We also offer Tableau training to help your employees navigate the system.

Data Services

Great visualization needs great data. We provide data solutions that address issues like data quality, accessibility and usability. We transform your raw data into powerful ‘insights to go’ with our data modeling. We use Talend and other such ETL tools. We also have expertise in Big Data Analysis and Data Mining.

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