We use our expertise to ship exceptional digital and SaaS products


We possess deep expertise in multiple disciplines. We use this expertise to ship exceptional digital and SaaS products. We do not try to do everything, but we excel at what we do.


The first step in building a great product or service is laying out the architecture. We look at architecture from a deeper angle. We ask ourselves questions that your CEO might ask eg.

  • Will the architecture support the product vision and not just the specifications?
  • Will the architecture allow pivots to get to a quick product-market fit?
  • Will the architecture handle product adaptations to help face market uncertainties?

We also love evaluating and tinkering with new technologies. So our architectural recommendations reflect a deep understanding of technology.

Design UX/UI

We work with you to create simple and intuitive designs for web and mobile apps. We are designers and researchers. Our backgrounds are diverse. From advertising to even finance. That helps us to think like your users. We think out of the box and push boundaries.

We design with you, from concept to execution. We are hands-on and fast. Together, we craft beautiful and functional products that your users will love.

Machine Learning and AI

We work with you to transform your enterprise into an insights-driven organization. We do that via solution consulting, Data Science, and analytical platforms. Our solution consultants bring deep-seated domain expertise to layout a practical value-driven AI roadmap, that will be seamlessly executed by a team of Data Scientists and Platform engineers.

Cloud Application Development

We help you to bring home the enormous flexibility, cost savings and scalability the cloud offers. We have worked on all major cloud platforms, to rapidly deliver applications using agile development and microservices. Our skills in cloud application development are complemented by our expertise in front end and mobile development.

Data Platforms and Visualization

We help customers take better and quicker decisions. We do that by first building data platforms on-premise or in the cloud, that can get real-time data from various systems. The data in these data platforms are also transformed to meet privacy and other regulatory requirements, such as in healthcare. End users and decision makers can now view the information via easy to understand graphs, charts and reports empowering them to take the right decision in time.

Technology Partnerships

Our in-depth technical expertise makes us ideal partners to implement certain technology platforms.

Our partners are:

  • John Snow Labs
  • Claris
  • Snowflake
  • Workato
  • IN-D
  • CapeStart
  • Lighter Capital

FHIR Training & Certification

Interoperability of healthcare data is essential, as it enables seamless sharing and exchanging of data between professionals or organizations, even though they use different applications. This means high levels of coordination between various organizations in the healthcare system – like providers, payers, and more.

The Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources or FHIR was developed by Health Level Seven (HL7), to ensure data interoperability for this purpose.

Sound knowledge of FHIR is essential to build compliant healthcare products and applications. We at Ideas2IT adopted FHIR years ago and now offer our in-depth expertise in the form of an extensive training and certification program for healthcare product engineers and software developers.

Topics Covered

  • FHIR Fundamentals
  • Resource Concepts
  • Exchange Mechanisms
  • Conformance and Implementation Guidance
  • Terminology
  • Representing healthcare concepts using FHIR resources
  • Safety and Security
  • The FHIR Maintenance Process
  • FHIR Licensing and IP

Course Duration: 30 hours

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Get Instant Pricing Straight to Your Inbox

Let us know what your needs are and get a quote sent straight to your inbox.

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