Maximize Revenue Potential and Optimize Campaign Effectiveness

Financial institutions have massive amounts of data - behavioral, credit-based, preferential and so forth. Our data scientists will help make sense of all of this data so you can always make informed decisions, from pre-empting defaulters to cross-selling financial products to high-value customers. Never leave money on the table again.

Our Solutions

Over the years of building applications for financial institutions big and small, we’ve noticed patterns in the solutions we’ve built. Most models are either to increase existing revenue, prevent loss of revenue or create new paths for revenue. Given the fact that Finance is one of the more forward-thinking verticals, we’ve had the pleasure of building applications, both data science-based and otherwise, that have done all three in various forms.

Cross Sell and Up Sell

Are you leaving money on the table when addressing the needs of your customers? Our Classification and Segmentation algorithms can help you exponentially increase your cross sell/up sell opportunities to existing customers.

Lead Scoring

Unsure of which leads to go after? Ideas2IT’s Funnel Optimization algorithms can help sift through the numerous leads that clog your sales effort and prioritize the ones most likely to give you maximum revenues.

Socially Enhanced Credit Scoring

Ideas2IT’s Social Scoring algorithms can help identify a bigger pool of customers. Our algorithms enhance traditional Credit Scores by tracking social media patterns, and reduce ambiguity on borderline cases. This helps increase loan acceptance rates, while still keeping delinquencies down.

Fraud Analytics

Our expertise in building one of the first fraud detection algorithms in the industry, widely deployed in multiple US states will help you battle the ever-increasing fraud in the industry. Identify fraudulent transactions in real time, insider-trading patterns and much more.


From origination to portfolio management, financial institutions are using bots for automation. We build chatbots that come with pre-built models for finance, from loan underwriting to financial modelling and personalized customer service.

Success Stories

Recent Blogs

At Ideas2IT, we learn every day. From product engineering to data science, from blockchain to chatbots, our experts discuss driving forces at the intersection of tech and business. We look at business through the lens of technology, and break down how cutting-edge tech will alter the way companies in various industries operate. These are some of our learnings building financial applications for over a decade.

Enhancing Traditional Credit Scoring With Social Data

The success of any lending institution depends heavily on its ability to identify and approve as many new loans as possible, while keeping risks at a minimum. A key ingredient in this process is credit scoring. In theory, analysts at banks review applicant scores and then decide loan amounts, interest rates, loan periods and so forth.

04 JANUARY 2018

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Machine Learning Based Lead Scoring of CRM Prospects For Financial Companies

Our Data Science team has built a proprietary framework with which we monitor customers’ buying habits, online activity and other behavioral attributes and interpret these metrics to come up with predictive lead scores. Here’s how we do it.


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5 big data use cases in banking and financial services

For financial institutions mining of big data provides a huge opportunity to stand out from the competition. The data landscape for financial institutions is changing fast. It is not enough to leverage institutional data. This has to be augmented with open data like social to enhance decision making.

21 DECEMBER 2017

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