Why Ideas2IT

We invested early in the JS revolution. We bring considerable learnings from building many complex front-ends. We actively contribute in design too.

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Proven results

Proven track record of delivering non-trivial front-ends from SPAs to Complex JS widgets. And we have scaled these apps to handle million of requests. Don't take our word for it. See our work.



Our engagement model is based on our key principle of "show early show often". From idea to information architecture to wireframe to design and implementation, our process covers it all.

Success Stories


PipeCandy is an intelligent outbound prospecting platform for B2B sales reps. To get sales folks to use it, the UI needs to be simple yet powerful. And really fast. We chose React + Flux and a kickass UI design to accomplish this. We introduced messaging based interactions instead of forms where appropriate.


Location tracking and verification of field team

This tracks the exact location of service rendered for fraud prevention. We implemented a responsive UI, so that field folks can use it on a tab using Angular.js, jQuery, OpenStreetMap for mapping core data and Leaflet for mapping UI. For mobile-friendly interactive maps, we chose Leaflet as it offers light-weight and fast. For Mapping core data we chose OpenStreetMap (OSM) because it's free and is used by the likes of Foursquare and Evernote which is good validation.



Interesting enterprise events happening all across your IT ecosystem are converted into a live stream of events organized around Topics. Real-time analytics engine to take actions on these events like intelligent routing. For UX, we leveraged the principle of 20% of actions are performed 80% of the time. We enable this 80% via messaging. Built a Slack like front-end using Angular.js and jQuery.



A supply chain financing platform with complex user and company on-boarding process, trading platform to propose fund and settle transactions. On-boarding widgets were implemented using Angular.js.


We can help you build a beautiful front-end that your users will love.

Open source contributions

ReactJS + Sails +

Sails and React.js are fast becoming popular alternates for Node.js and Angular.js. RSR is a start application that integrates React with Sails. As an added bonus, Redis is configured as the primary database. This starter app is designed to provide a quick and organized way to start developing RSR based web apps with some pre-defined useful modules such as Passport pre-bundled and configured which helps in authentication, etc.


Loopback for API + Isomorphic + React Router + Flux. Loopback by default comes with Angular. This is a Loopback starter app if you want to use React with it. We have also added our usual tools of the trade like ESLint as linting tool for javascript and eslint-plugin-react for JSX. BTW, if you want to know why we are choosing Loopback for web apps,


We frequently found ourselves needing a query/expression builder with a nice modern UI. Since we didn't find a good open source component for this, we decided to roll our own. To make it reusable, we designed it so that it can be easily bolted on any DB or for that matter on entity model in any language. The schema/entity definitions are read as JSONs and the generated expression is also written as a JSON.

From our blog

Cloud is not a glorified VPS

by Murali Vivekanandan

In spite of the deafening hype around cloud technologies for the past few years, I am surprised at how anemically Cloud is leveraged by most companies that I come across. When a company or a person says that they are on the cloud, a large percentage of them just mean getting to an EC2 instance and putting their app server / DB / etc of choice. This was available for the past decade from the VPS offerings. So what is so special about using a cloud like this? Read more

Is Node.js right for you?

by Bhavani Raman

If you are already using Node.js, good for you! Please tell us your reasons for choosing in our comments section. If you are evaluating Node, let me share some pointers from our experience on the good, bad and ugly. Node.js is great if your application is IO bound. Though every language now has an event-driven framework (Rails EventMachine), Node.js is grounds-up for this and has the richest ecosystem of Asynchronous libraries. Read more

Hybrid Mobile Framework – Why we went with Ionic?

by Murali Vivekanandan

When we started Hybrid application development a few years back, our choices were frameworks like Sencha Touch and jQuery mobile which had their origin in web and were retrofitted for mobile. This never really worked well and gave Hybrid frameworks a bad reputation. As a dev shop focusing a lot on Hybrid mobile application development, we are glad to see the momentum in mobile UI frameworks Read more

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