We are experts at building Beautiful, Feature-rich Front-ends.

Angular, React, Can, Knockout - we have done it all! In addition to front-end coding mojo, we bring our design sensibilities to play. We have learned a lot doing nontrivial front ends. We love to contribute back our learnings and code.


We build products. A huge part of that is learning how humans interact with interfaces, because what's a product without a usable, intuitive front-end? Over the years, we've been following the interesting journey that front-end design has been going through, and we've been keeping up with every little development. We were on top of Angular as it got popular, and the same goes with React and Vue. We invested considerably in Human-Computer Interaction and other design paradigms as they came up. When we design front-ends, we take full ownership of the product. Anything we sign off on is guaranteed to have passed the most intense scrutiny with regards to ease of use, load time, AMP, etc. Given our experience in years of front-end design and building our own products, we also go the extra mile and look at Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), logical flow, asset audits and SEO-friendliness.

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Our Capabilities

It’s hard to restrict ourselves to a few lines when we have to talk about all of the work we’ve done with front-end tech, but we’ll try. We’re calling out some of the things that we’re particularly good at, but there’s a lot more to us than meets the eye. Don’t take our word for it; engage a couple of our engineers for a week and you’ll see what we mean.


With combined design experience of over twenty years, we understand the human-computer interface better than most. We build intuitive, beautifully designed screens with robust functionality.

Hybrid Apps

We use hybrid frameworks such as Ionic in order to create applications that can be used for multiple mobile screens, across Android and iOS. This cuts both your time to market and your costs in half.

Modern Frameworks

We’re always looking for the best, most efficient front-end technologies. We have extensive experience in front-end technologies using modern MVC technologies. Angular, React, Vue – you name it

Product Design

One of our biggest advantages is that we don’t just build front-ends; we have years of experience building entire products and taking them to market, which helps us treat the front-end as a piece of the larger product puzzle.

Cutting-edge Tech

Another strength – we always invest in cutting-edge tech, from Machine Learning to blockchain. This culture of looking for the next big tech helps us stay on our toes, and constantly on top of the latest best practices and techniques.

Success Stories

We’ve had the pleasure of working with world-class organizations. Here are some of our success stories.

Open Source Contributions

We’ve always believed in giving back to the community. A lot of our projects involve R&D, and when we hit upon something that we think is a winner, we always share.



We frequently found ourselves needing a query/expression builder with a nice modern UI. Since we didn't find a good open source component for this, we decided to roll our own. To make it reusable, we designed it so that it can be easily bolted on any DB or for that matter on entity model in any language



Loopback for API + Isomorphic + React Router + Flux. Loopback by default comes with Angular. This is a Loopback starter app if you want to use React with it. We have also added our usual tools of the trade like ESLint as linting tool for javascript and eslint-plugin-react for JSX.


ReactJS + Sails + Redis

Sails and React.js are fast becoming popular alternates for Node.js and Angular.js. RSR is a start application that integrates React with Sails. As an added bonus, Redis is configured as the primary database.

Recent Blogs

At Ideas2IT, we learn every day. From product engineering to data science, from blockchain to chatbots, our experts discuss driving forces at the intersection of tech and business. We look at business through the lens of technology, and break down how cutting-edge tech will alter the way companies in various industries operate. These are some of our learnings from working with front-end tech.

Which grid is performant: jQuery Datatable, Angular UI Grid or a custom Grid?

When developing modern frontends, one of the key requirements is world class performance. We consider it to be one of the key UX criteria. Google thinks its important enough that it penalises pages that are slow.

07 JANUARY 2018

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Conversational UI in a Rural Context, or how user-testing can be an enlightening experience

As a designer, the last thing you want to hear after working on userflows, wireframes, mockups and interfaces is that the users “don’t quite get it”. And yet, these are the “failures” that force you to take a step back and rethink your basic assumptions.

18 NOVEMBER 2017

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Angular Performance Tips and Tricks

Angular performance:With the advent of Angular 2 and React, there is a lot of backlash against Angular on performance. While some of them are justified, a lot can be done to make the Angular UI peppy. Having built many complex front-ends with Angular, I wanted to share a few things we learnt in the trenches.

23 MARCH 2017

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