The only constant in the web frontend development landscape is that it is in constant flux year after year. So, it becomes paramount to reevaluate the tools, frameworks, libraries and practices after every few quarters. As of this writing, most of the web frontend development happens in either Angular, ReactJS or VueJS. Compared to our previous evaluation in 2018 which only had Angular and ReactJS as major players, now, we also have VueJS with significant traction. As always a direct comparison between Angular, ReactJS and VueJS alone will not be sufficient. So, it will not be an individual comparison but a comparison of their respective ecosystems on the whole.

What’s in our front-end guide?

bullet-arrow A side-by-side comparison of frameworks across different parameters

bullet-arrow Pros & Cons of each Javascript framework

bullet-arrow Fully updated for 2019 to reflect the latest libraries and tools in each framework

bullet-arrow Our evaluation of all the UI frameworks, tools and technologies we have worked with and what you should choose to stay ahead of the innovation curve


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