Open Source Contributions

We’ve always believed in giving back to the community. A lot of our projects involve R&D, and when we hit upon something that we think is a winner, we always share.



We frequently found ourselves needing a query/expression builder with a nice modern UI. Since we didn’t find a good open source component for this, we decided to roll our own. To make it reusable, we designed it so that it can be easily bolted on any DB or for that matter on entity model in any language



Loopback for API + Isomorphic + React Router + Flux. Loopback by default comes with Angular. This is a Loopback starter app if you want to use React with it. We have also added our usual tools of the trade like ESLint as linting tool for javascript and eslint-plugin-react for JSX.


ReactJS + Sails + Redis

Sails and React.js are fast becoming popular alternates for Node.js and Angular.js. RSR is a start application that integrates React with Sails. As an added bonus, Redis is configured as the primary database.

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