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At Ideas2IT, we learn every day. From product engineering to data science, from blockchain to chatbots, our experts discuss driving forces at the intersection of tech and business.

We look at business through the lens of technology, and break down how cutting-edge tech will alter the way companies in various industries operate. These are some of our learnings from working with front-end tech.

Which grid is performant: jQuery Datatable, Angular UI Grid or a custom Grid?

When developing modern frontends, one of the key requirements is world class performance. We consider it to be one of the key UX criteria. Google thinks its important enough that it penalises pages that are slow.

07 JANUARY 2018

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Conversational UI in a Rural Context, or how user-testing can be an enlightening experience

As a designer, the last thing you want to hear after working on userflows, wireframes, mockups and interfaces is that the users “don’t quite get it”. And yet, these are the “failures” that force you to take a step back and rethink your basic assumptions.

18 NOVEMBER 2017

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Angular Performance Tips and Tricks

Angular performance:With the advent of Angular 2 and React, there is a lot of backlash against Angular on performance. While some of them are justified, a lot can be done to make the Angular UI peppy. Having built many complex front-ends with Angular, I wanted to share a few things we learnt in the trenches.

23 MARCH 2017

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