Open Source Contributions

We’ve always believed in giving back to the community. A lot of our projects involve R&D, and when we hit upon something that we think is a winner, we always share.


Mean idea

Our opinionated take of a MEAN stack (MySql, Express, Angular, Node)- Modeled on, and added features that we find repeatedly using. Comes from our deep experience in Node.js and related server-side JS tech.


Mean Idea Rel

Same as our mean.idea. The only difference is replacing MongoDB with Relational Database. Again, this is something we saw ourselves repeatedly using, so we though others might find it useful.


ReactJS + Sails + Redis

Sails and React.js are fast becoming popular alternates for Node.js and Angular.js. RSR is a start application that integrates React with Sails. As an added bonus, Redis is configured as the primary database.

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