As professionals from Silicon Valley, we always knew our people were going to be our biggest differentiator.

Which is why we focussed on our People Practice from Day Zero

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Day Zero Approach to People

We wanted to be a company led by High-end Product Engineers rather than myriads of application developers. Here’s why.

A Product Engineer


Writes brilliant code compared to the average coder


Keeps User Experience in mind at all times


Balances user’s needs and business plans


Has the ability to ideate on features and pain points


Good in communication, not shy to discuss

And we favored Aptitude over Technical Skills.

We actually upskilled hundreds of people and assigned them to real projects. The results are here to show.

20% YOY increase in Employee Strength

2015-2020 Data Analysis

Less than 5% Attrition in the last 5 years

2015-2020 Data Analysis

4.6 / 5 rating on Glassdoor

As on 19-March-2020

“You can train somebody to shoot, but you can’t teach them height”


And what do we mean by Aptitude?


Here are a few things we do to upskill our Employees

Hackathons & Technology Meetups

Apart from conducting Hackathons at Ideas2IT, we also keep our people aware of hackathons/tech events happening locally through our newsletter Purplebee.

IInternal Shark Tank & Tech Talks

Internal Shark keeps things fun, adds a bit of competition, and gives employees a clear opportunity to speak to the whole company about their ideas.

And armed with the right people, we nurtured a work culture that brought out the best. In each one of us.

Here are a few initiatives that showcase this.
Distributed decision making

C2 committee

All operational level discussions on employee welfare, office administration, HR policies, and many such functions happens 1st with C2. Post discussion, a decision is collaboratively taken by C2 along with the CEO.


Employee Empowerment

We invest in a fund for employee to identify gaps at workplace and execute projects at the workplace by themselves. iStore, iSmart & women empowerment are such projects that were born out this initiative.



Many social work projects weaken halfway through due to a lack of volunteers at the right time. LetMeVolunteer is an impact initiative to enable people to contribute to social work projects around them.

Employee Fund

An internal employee committee manages an ultra short-term, unsecured zero interest loans of small ticket sizes.

Non-core training

LEAP program: Our in-house leadership training program

Language training: Employees also get trained in languages like German to work with international clients.

Work-Life Balance

We conduct events and activities to improve work-life balance, team engagement, and most importantly everyone’s health.

Well, rounded improvements increase employees’ stickiness to our company.

“At Ideas2IT, people will always be > than processes. This simply means that Ideas2IT is a company where every employee is free to speak his mind on what she / he thinks is best for us.”


Day Zero Approach to Location

With 42% of US-based companies claiming that they were not finding the talent, we decided to build our team from India, for the World. Here’s why.


Massive pool of Engineering Talent

India produces 1.5 million engineers every year, making them easy to find


Abundance of English-speakers

India is now the world’s second-largest English-speaking country


Culture & Attitude geared for Success

A never-give-up resourceful attitude that is focused on creative problem solving

And why Chennai


Hotbed of SAAS Startups

The second-largest development center in India after Bengaluru


Great Universities & Colleges

IITM, Anna University, VIT, SSN and Tier 2 Colleges high on quality


More Liveable in General

Relatively safer, has shorter commutes and lower cost of living and air pollution

Here’s what an employee could expect at Ideas2IT

We stitches a high-end career path for our employee to set them up for success. This creates an innate interest for the creme da la creme layer to apply.


Accelerated Growth

All the excitement & learning of working for a startup without the associated risk.


Hefty paycheck

Higher salary compared to their peers. Earnings are more than the industry standards


Higher international exposure

Working for good clients will equipthem with the traits required for working in a global environment



Higher autonomy in the workspace results in increased job satisfaction. Employees decide how their work should be done & decide their schedule.


Stepping stone for FAANG

The work exposure at a good product based complaints will accoutre them with the right skills to eventually work at FAANG companies.



We continuously invest in upskilling our employees. Our in-house proven learning path trains our employees to combat skill gaps.

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