Factory.360 platform

Most companies that talk about industrial IoT talk about sensors, edge devices, data processing platforms and other tech. Not us. While we recognize that the tech is the means to an efficient end, it’s just that – a means. Ultimately, tangible business RoI is what truly drives transformation.

We understand that different stakeholders expect different outcomes – for example, a plant manager may want to minimize wastage, and make sure production lines are at maximum efficiency. A CFO, however, is looking at macro indicators from ERP and sales data, and needs to track financial performance. With Ideas2IT’s Factory.360 platform, every stakeholder gets to track factory performance using metrics that matter to them.

We aggregate shop floor data, ERP data, machine data and third-party data to create a 360-degree profile of the plant. Our platform opens up the factory to management in a lot more ways than just predictive analytics or time-series data would.

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