Other Features

Other Features

Ideas2IT’s Factory.360 platform has a suite of software for smart manufacturing. From asset management to Machine Learning, every module of the platform integrates easily with existing back-ends (MES, ERP, etc) and is customizable for individual factories. You can forever change the way your factory works. Use our platform for exclusive passes to a new era of digital manufacturing!

Condition Monitoring

We leverage sound and vibration analytics to decide when a machine is working outside normal conditions. Then, we parse through thousands of data points using Machine Learning to understand which conditions really affect the state of the machine.

Predictive Maintenance

Our IIoT framework builds out Machine Learning models based on volumes of data. We use open-source scalable ML models like Spark MLlib and commercial offerings like SPSS from IBM or Azure ML for Microsoft.

Incident Correlation

Multiple sources can create a flood of noisy alarms. Our IIoT solution intelligently clusters the IT alarms/alerts and correlates into high-level related incidents know as ‘situations’, which are much easier to manage than thousands of disparate alerts.

Incident Scoring

Manual prioritization is subjective and often devolves into FIFO. Our IIoT solution automatically prioritizes incidents (or situations, once the incidents are correlated) by analyzing severity, level of disruption, incident duration, and other parameters.

Root Cause Analysis

Use Machine Learning to automatically sort through massive volumes of log messages and identify messages that are truly relevant. We use powerful analysis algorithms that self-learn over time, providing fresh insights to find the root cause of the problem every time.

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