Platform Highlights

Our Factory.360 platform is a comprehensive solution for the entire Industry 4.0 journey. These are some of the features guaranteed to usher your factory into the next decade of technical advancement.

Maintenance View

Our Predictive Maintenance solution is built on an IoT platform. Its components can integrate seamlessly to any third party component. It augments ML to Knowledge Representation formalisms to perform smart logistics and forecasting. Pre-built model kits have regression and survival models, and our asset library consolidates and reconciles multiple asset data sources for up-to-date information.

Persona Perspectives

Instead of looking at any event in isolation, Factory.360 analyses holistically and gives insights specific to each role. Performs multi-segmented analysis on the collected pool of machine, enterprise and factory floor data to give a multifaceted department-specific view: Financial Analysis for the CFO, Machine Capacity Analysis for the Plant Manager, WIP Inventory Analysis for the Floor Manager, etc.

Augmented Reality

Augmently.360, our AR-prototyping platform, bridges the gap between the Digital and Physical world. It leverages the richness of 3D and transforms users’ interaction with product. It supports users in product assembly and maintenance within batch production lines, provides on the job training by leveraging key workflows and procedures from existing technical publications, and aids selling by allowing interactive exploring of features.


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