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Systems engineering/DevOps


8+ years

About Us

We are a Product Engineering company. We specialize in building innovative products from ideation to development. We are not a typical IT services company and don’t do support and maintenance projects! Founded by an ex-Googler (or Xoogler) in 2009, we have created a niche for ourselves by leveraging the most exciting technologies in AI/ML, Cloud, DevOps, IIoT, and more. Our people have a fantastic time upskilling and working on them.

We have an enviable list of customers, including Facebook, Oracle, Siemens, Roche, Medtronics, and several exciting startups. Our projects are typically innovation-driven. For instance, we are building an AI platform to personalize cancer treatment by analyzing  genealogy data. Work can’t get more impactful than this!

We have a 4.7 rating on Glassdoor!

What’s more, did you know that we have spun off several exciting product AI and RPA companies like PipeCandy and element5? Our spin-offs operate from the same office and present unique opportunities to the challenge-hungry. So when you join Ideas2IT, you actually open up a whole new world of possibilities!

Job description


About Ideas2IT

Ideas2IT is a product engineering firm where Technology, Business, and Product engineering intersect. We possess deep expertise in building consumer and SaaS products. We deliver innovative solutions that involve developing cloud-native, scalable, data-driven applications. We take up the development of cognitive applications that leverage Machine Learning and NLP.

We have clocked phenomenal growth in the last ten years and are marching towards lofty goals. Ideas2IT has successfully rolled out multiple products like Pipecandy, that have become successful VC-funded startups.

Our casual work culture, flexible work hours, flat organization structure, and non-Bell Curve appraisals are just a few factors that have led to our 4.5 Glassdoor rating.


What’s in it for you?

We are looking for a strong DevOps Engineer to work on our and our customer products.


  • Perform capacity planning, automation, testing, performance tuning, and tools development.
  • Develop and maintain the continuous integration and continuous delivery pipeline.
  • Develop and deploy a control plane for all platform services to guarantee observability, monitoring, analytics and alerting.
  • Provide on-call support for the platform.
  • Collaborate with the DevOps teams of the SaaS products built on the platform to resolve incidents and implement changes quickly and efficiently.
  • Collaborate with the cyber-security team to integrate security measures into all aspects of the platform.
  • Work with technical project managers, product managers, and operations managers to set priorities and track operational metrics.
  • Participate in planning, system demos, and inspect & adapt events.
  • Drive and coordinate platform adoption, actively engaging product development, quality, regulatory, and customer success teams.
  • Experience in the diagnostics and pharmaceutical industry or other highly regulated industries like finance or insurance is seen as highly advantageous.


Job requirements

Here’s what you’ll bring


  • 8+ years of experience in a systems engineering/DevOps role
  • 3+ years of industry experience with Amazon Web Services, IAM, VPC peering, API Gateway, NLB, EC2, ECS, EKS, Lambda, S3, RDS, DynamoDB, SQS, etc.
  • Strong knowledge of Linux systems and internals (Ubuntu/Alpine preferred)
  • Experience in creating software to automate production systems with one of the following languages: Python, Ruby, Java, Go, etc.
  • Strong experience with configuration management, monitoring, and systems tools (e.g. Ansible, SumoLogic, Prometheus, Grafana, etc.).
  • Proficiency with source control, continuous integration, and testing methods (Git, GitLab, Jenkins)
  • Understanding of cloud provisioning tools, e.g. CloudFormation and Terraform.
  • Strong knowledge of docker, Kubernetes
  • Experience working with cloud-based technologies (Cloudflare CDN, Qualys WAS is highly desirable).
  • Exposure to messaging pub/subsystems (e.g. RabbitMQ, Active-MQ, Kafka)
  • Experience with Linux package management tools e.g.: rpm, apk, deb & fpm, etc.

Why work at Ideas2IT

Startup Of Startups

We build multiple products ourselves, hence you will have broad exposure and all the excitement and learnings that come with working for startups. But since we have large enterprises like Ericsson, Medtronics, and Oracle as anchor customers, we are very stable. Its all the excitement of startups without the associated risk.

Accelerated Growth

We invest heavily in our employees learning at an accelerated pace. In addition to cutting edge technologies, we create opportunities to learn leadership, entrepreneurship and so on. We have many programs likes Shark Tank, Tech talks, learning groups to make this happen. You can also take initiatives and bring in new technologies.


We have a unique culture with a lot of individual freedom and responsibility. Many decisions that managers will make in other companies are done by adhoc employee committees. There is a reason people have been with us since founding 10 years ago!


We believe in employer’s growth should be according to their accomplishment instead of years of experience. You will get ample opportunities to prove yourself and raise at your own pace.


Enjoy benefits like simple, convenient opta credit employee loans, health insurance, relaxed dress code (as long as you don’t come in your night clothes!), Flexi-Benefit to save taxes and Zeta card (Foooood).

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