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Agile, AI/ML ,Gen-AI, Stakeholder Management, MVP, KPIs, User Story, A/B Testing, Risk Management, Market Research


10 – 15 Years

About Us

We are a Product Engineering company. We specialize in building innovative products from ideation to development. We are not a typical IT services company and don’t do support and maintenance projects! Founded by an ex-Googler (or Xoogler) in 2009, we have created a niche for ourselves by leveraging the most exciting technologies in AI/ML, Cloud, DevOps, IIoT, and more. Our people have a fantastic time upskilling and working on them.

We have an enviable list of customers, including Facebook, Oracle, Siemens, Roche, Medtronics, and several exciting startups. Our projects are typically innovation-driven. For instance, we are building an AI platform to personalize cancer treatment by analyzing  genealogy data. Work can’t get more impactful than this!

We have a 4.7 rating on Glassdoor!

What’s more, did you know that we have spun off several exciting product AI and RPA companies like PipeCandy and element5? Our spin-offs operate from the same office and present unique opportunities to the challenge-hungry. So when you join Ideas2IT, you actually open up a whole new world of possibilities!

Role:  Project Manager

Key Responsibility: 

Be the visionary behind our AI and Gen AI products, shaping their direction and driving success in a dynamic, forward-thinking environment.

Location: Chennai 

We are betting big on AGI/LLMs. We got into this early on with Facebook as our first customer. We are looking for a Product Thinker who can truly understand the possibilities of AGI and unlock product opportunities. It doesn’t matter if you are not a classically trained product owner as long as you are passionate about solving real-world problems with emerging technologies. 

Passionate. Highly curious. Go-getters. That’s who we are 💪

About us: 

Ideas2IT is a high-end Product Development firm where Technology, Business, and Product engineering intersect. Ideas2IT started as a CTO consulting firm to help early-stage startups execute their technology vision. Our value proposition is developing thought leadership and competency in cutting-edge technologies like Generative AI and helping our customers adapt to them. 

We are strong at applying technology to solve business problems for our clients. We are the innovative tech partners that developed AI-driven products for Facebook, Bloomberg, Siemens, Roche, and more. 

Leveraging our product mindset, we have launched multiple AI-based products and spun them off as separate start-ups – Pipecandy, Element5, IdeaRx, and All these firms have become successful VC-funded startups. 

We have clocked phenomenal growth in the last fourteen years and are marching towards lofty goals. 

Why Choose Ideas2IT:

AGI is going to change the world. Big companies like Microsoft are betting heavily on this (see here and here). We are following suit. As a product owner/solution consultant exclusively focusing on AGI, you will be at the forefront of this revolution. 

About the role 

This Project Management role entails abridging a forward-thinking client and a highly talented engineering team, to ensure seamless delivery of a cutting-edge product that has been iteratively validated. 

Job Requirements 

Here’s what you’ll bring 

  • A deep understanding of the client’s business context and the problem we are solving 
  • 3+ years of experience in managing software delivery projects in medium to large IT services 
  • 9+ years of overall experience 
  • Advanced knowledge of coding to engage and guide the development team
  • The ability to play a techno-functional role 
  • Experience in / Knowledge of, Agile Delivery Methodology and helping teams explore, adapt, and optimize Agile-Lean processes, principles, and practices
  • A disruptive attitude towards technology innovation 
  • Nurture and mentor a passionate team 
  • Client relationship management

As a Project Manager, here’s what you can do at Ideas2IT 

  • Take ownership of delivering innovative products for cutting-edge Silicon Valley startups and enterprises alike 
  • Handle projects in varied and exciting/niche technologies like Data Science, Cloud Engineering, Blockchain, Mobile, etc. 
  • Bring your disruptive ideas to the table, and enjoy the freedom to experiment with them 
  • Critically influence the outcome of a startup, rather than limiting yourself to be a small cog in a large machine 
  • Support and inspire incredibly talented delivery teams, while making autonomous decisions on resource planning, the team’s appraisals, promotions, and more
  • Work with the Senior Management on RFPs for innovation-led projects
  • Mentor and evangelize Agile, Lean, and Continuous Delivery best practices
  • Work in an informal, collaborative, transparent, non-hierarchical, ego-free culture with meritocracy being the sole true North 
  • Get trained and certified – PSM / Prince II / PMP Certification, SAFe Product Owner / Product Manager

P.S. We’re all about diversity, and our doors are wide open to everyone. Join us in celebrating the awesomeness of differences!

Why work at Ideas2IT

Startup Of Startups

We build multiple products ourselves, hence you will have broad exposure and all the excitement and learnings that come with working for startups. But since we have large enterprises like Ericsson, Medtronics, and Oracle as anchor customers, we are very stable. Its all the excitement of startups without the associated risk.

Accelerated Growth

We invest heavily in our employees learning at an accelerated pace. In addition to cutting edge technologies, we create opportunities to learn leadership, entrepreneurship and so on. We have many programs likes Shark Tank, Tech talks, learning groups to make this happen. You can also take initiatives and bring in new technologies.


We have a unique culture with a lot of individual freedom and responsibility. Many decisions that managers will make in other companies are done by adhoc employee committees. There is a reason people have been with us since founding 10 years ago!


We believe in employer’s growth should be according to their accomplishment instead of years of experience. You will get ample opportunities to prove yourself and raise at your own pace.


Enjoy benefits like simple, convenient opta credit employee loans, health insurance, relaxed dress code (as long as you don’t come in your night clothes!), Flexi-Benefit to save taxes and Zeta card (Foooood).

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