How innovative manufacturers can make use of AR in the age of smart manufacturing

In collaboration with   leapmotion

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Leveraging AR for Industry 4.0

In the last few months, we’ve been getting an increasing number of requests from clients in the manufacturing industry to help them implement AR for various use cases. We decided to explore its potential and will be sharing our insights here. The topics we’ll cover include:

The democratization and maturity of AR tech with regards to manufacturing

  • How AR can help with training and maintenance
  • How field sales can benefit from AR tech
  • Using platforms such as Leap Motion, HoloLens for AR in manufacturing

Attendees will get a 40-hour free consult with our AR/IIoT experts to find the right use cases to maximize your plant’s efficiency.



Krishna Krishnan

Solutions Consultant (IIoT), Ideas2IT

Krishna is a senior business analyst at Ideas2IT. As software engineer turned business analyst, she understands both worlds and she is good at translating business use cases to tech. She will be your host for this webinar.


Sean Robinson

Director, Leap Motion

Sean is a Director at Leap Motion, a hardware company that develops AR Headsets with motion sensing technology. From the Marine Corps to teaching to working in Silicon valley, Sean has done it all. He will talk about the current state of AR headsets and motion tracking technology, and how they can apply to manufacturing.


Chitra Annapoorni

Head of AR and Mobility, Ideas2IT

Chitra leads the mobility team at Ideas2IT with a focus on AR and mobile IIoT solutions. She has developed and deployed mobile and AR applications at scale for manufacturing giants and she will talk about the technical nuances of building an AR application- APIs, hidden costs, modeling, etc.


Get the Slides and Recordings Now


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