Other Offerings

Other Offerings

We didn’t just happen to build a martech framework out of nowhere because a client asked for it. We’re passionate marketers ourselves, and many of the problems we’ve attempted to solve with MarketFlair are problems we’ve faced ourselves during the course of our many campaigns.


Technical SEO audits, detailed crawl troubleshooting, AMP implementation, advanced content marketing campaigns and much more. Our SEO experts will perform advanced keyword and competitor research, so if you’re getting a product off the ground, you can leave the ground work to us.


Get landing pages off the ground faster than ever using our SEM experts. WE know how to build high-conversion, rich landing pages, and run PPC campaigns around them (AdWords, Bing Ads, Yahoo! Search, etc.) And MarketFlair helps us nail down attribution.


A/B testing is a crucial part of any marketing campaign. We have a team of sophisticated CROs who can run data-driven campaigns with very clear results. From CTA audits to UI optimization, we’ve done it all. For mobile apps, we’re great at app store optimization, asset audits and geo-specific campaigns.

Google Tag Manager

Our Tag Manager experts can handle complex GTM implementations. Since we have coders and code-aware marketers on our team, we don’t have to rely on dev teams to manipulate the data layer or deploy complex pieces of custom code. From virtual URL triggers to tracking cookies through redirects, we can do it all.

Google Analytics

We have worked on deploying GA for thousand-page websites, eCommerce stores and sites with convoluted information architecture. We know what it takes to create a watertight Google Analytics implementation. We’re constantly looking for ways to optimize our implementations, from accurate attribution to complex custom dashboards for razor-focussed reporting.