It’s a two-week exploratory engagement, where we’ll go through all of your business processes, how you collect data, how primed you are for adoption, and more. We’ll work actively with business and technical stakeholders, educate if necessary, help create buy-in, pick the right use case to start with, and also lay out a plan for more general adoption.

Why did we start this? Many of our clients – in fact, many companies in general – were approaching data AI adoption the wrong way, thinking about which Machine Learning techniques to use first, rather than about what tangible business outcomes they wanted from the exercise. In our experience, leading with tech has led to accidental success at best, and a disillusionment with all things AI at worst.

We found that a simple week’s worth of exploration – processes, data, digitization, landscape, the whole nine yards – before jumping into implementation made for telling insights. We also found that starting with one simple use case rather than trying to transform the entire business made the process palatable, scalable and also inspired a lot of confidence, because who doesn’t like to win? And that’s why we started the Discovery Workshop.