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From brainstorming sessions and meticulous prototyping to progressive scaling, we help your app evolve at every step.


Why Ideas2IT

We are entrepreneurs at heart. We don't just code your app, but do whatever it takes to make your app a success. We have both mobile and backend capabilities to launch high-quality apps.

Proven results

Proven track record of delivering apps for top valley startups and enterprises like Microsoft and Ericsson. From enterprise apps to consumer apps with millions of downloads, we have done it all.


Our engagement model is fine-tuned to turn your idea into an app without any friction. Quick iterations and continuous integrations, so that you can see your app as it develops.

Solution Accelerators

Our goal is to keep your cost low and launch the App fast. So we have developed a rich set of starter apps with pre-bundled functionality. From Uber to Thumbtack functionality, we have lot of starter apps to choose from. Just add your secret sauce and voila! Your app is ready to go!


Rich set of functionalities to build any On-Demand application like Uber or Thumbtack.


Whether you are developing your own take on Whatsapp or adding messaging capability to your app, we've got you covered.


From finding a sports partner to matrimony / dating app with rich profiles, location and personality based match making and much more.


Connect to multiple devices over Bluetooth 2.0, Bluetooth LE and WIFI-Direct. Fallback mechanism for intermittent network connectivity.

From your Next Big Idea, to your Next Big App

We can take you there!

Success Stories


Never miss out on a striking deal, as SnapMap brings you daily deals from retail outlets, restaurants, multiplexes and more. Once you've made the deal and enjoyed the service, you can rate and share it with anyone. If you're a service provider, lead users directly to your deals with SnapMap and drive sales like never before.


A suite of 16 fitness apps, with millions of downloads. One of our most successful apps, available both in Appstore and Playstore. We not only built it and scaled it, but also helped in monetising with our ad network expertise.


Now you can stream videos of events like conferences and concerts, on your mobile or tablet with 'Event Stream Live Touch'. In case you've missed an event, you can still watch the video on-demand. Immerse yourself by switching between four different angles to view the event just the way you like it.


Clean India serves as a tool for socially conscious Indians who long to spruce up their neighborhood. If you spot an area that needs a face-lift, click pictures, share them with the world, organize clean-up drives, invite friends and volunteers to join the event. It's time to be the change you are hoping for.


Group Agendas gives you options to schedule your day, share daily plans, organize events like birthday and promotion parties, invite friends, conduct polls and chat within your group. You can also sync your entire list of Google, Yahoo and Group Agendas calendars and keep a tab on all your future events.


Gameday is a social network for sports enthusiasts which enables tournament organizers, Sports Facility Owners and Players to collaborate. We contributed ideas to break the initial chicken-egg problem that market place apps have.

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