You need a mobile-first

healthcare strategy, and fast.

We leverage deep Healthcare domain experience to craft beautiful mobile healthcare applications. We have several starter applications to expedite your app, or we can build one from scratch for you.

What can we build for you?

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A comprehensive patient dashboard with a clean interface that lets patients:

View upcoming appointments.
Create new appointments
View reports

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Video Visits

A mobile app we built for caregivers to treat patients without having to see them in person. Doctors can assess patients for a range of common afflictions, diagnose and prescribe through the app. Patients can also rate doctors on parameters such as punctuality, quality and communication..
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Home/hospice care: Mobile workforce tracking

We built an application that allows managers to track field staff visits to points of care. Since smartphones come with built-in GPS, managers simply use them to monitor workers’ movements - entry, exit, duration of time spent at the point of care, electronic signature during exit and so on.

Other features:

  • Visit management
  • Time and geo stamping
  • Patient notifications

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IdeaMed: Healthcare PaaS

We have a low-code development platform that we have used to build out an end-to-end Hospital Management System. Once we understand your business, we can customize it, so it is tailor-made for your needs.

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We can customize these applications to fit your business,or we can build a completely new product for you, from the ground up!

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Why Ideas2IT?

We understand the domain. We are a healthcare-first mobile development firm. We have rolled out healthcare products for enterprises and startups, and have a wealth of use-cases to draw from. We have built a healthcare PaaS on which we created a comprehensive Hospital Management Service. We have built HIPAA-compliant products with encrypted data. Our healthcare development expertise has helped us build plug-and-play solutions for providers. From screen builders and workflow to data modeling, we have a suite of healthcare solutions.

With our extensive development experience in the healthcare domain, we have built a suite of solution accelerators that you can use to jumpstart your healthcare operations. Use these as building blocks to cut down your time to market by over 50%.

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