Solution Accelerators

Solution Accelerators

Our goal is to keep your cost low and launch the App fast. So we have developed a rich set of starter apps with pre-bundled functionality. From Uber to Thumbtack functionality, we have lot of starter apps to choose from. Just add your secret sauce and voila! Your app is ready to go!


We have a rich set of functionalities to build any On-Demand application, such as Thumbtack or Pinterest. Most apps have some generic moving parts, so whatever you want to build, we have the framework to get you up and running in as little time as possible.


We’ve built these so many times over that it was only good business sense to create a starter kit. Our accelerator has all of the components necessary to build an Uber-like app, from vehicle tracking to messaging and ride history.


Whether you are developing your own take on Whatsapp or adding messaging capability to your app, we’ve got you covered. We use end-to-end encryption so that all conversations are private and secure.


From finding a sports partner to a matrimony/dating app with location/personality based matchmaking and much more. Bonus: Machine Learning models to match the right people based on work, geography, likes, and other parameters.


Connect to multiple devices over Bluetooth 2.0, Bluetooth LE and WIFI-Direct. Fallback mechanism for intermittent network connectivity. Plug-and-play kit for all IoT related projects.