Full stack application development from front-end, scalable middleware in Node.js frameworks and Relational / NoSQL persistence. And a strong process to consistently deliver high quality.



We have learnt a lot doing complex Node applications. We have translated into a practical training course to get your developers code in the Node idiom. Contact us for our training calendar.



Node.js is fast. But you need to do your part. Our AppDynamics certified performance engineers can help you get the most out of your app and scale it to handle large datasets and high concurrency.

Success Stories

Flight Operations Automation

End to end flight operations automation was developed using MEAN stack. Includes booking, planning crew, pilot reports and reports. A modern, flexible UI was implemented using Angular to capture a large set of information on Pilot reports and dynamic display of the crew schedule.


New Age Enterprise Collaboration Platform

Interesting enterprise events happening all across your IT ecosystem are converted into a live stream of events organized around Topics. Real-time analytics engine to take actions on these events like intelligent routing. For UX, we leveraged the principle of 20% of actions are performed 80% of the time. We enable this 80% via messaging. Built a Slack like front-end using Angular.js and jQuery.


From your Next Big Idea, to your Next Big App

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Open source contributions


Mean idea rel

Same as our mean.idea. The only difference is replacing MongoDB with Relational Database.


Mean idea

Our opinionated take of a MEAN stack(MySql, Express, Angular, Node)- Modeled on, and added features that we find repeatedly using.

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