MLFlow – Torchserve Deployment Plugin

We worked on an experimental version of the MLflow-TorchServe deployment plugin (MLflow-TorchServe 0.0.1.dev0), which would enable developers to use MLflow to deploy models built and trained in the MLflow pipeline into TorchServe without any additional effort. Contributors Karthik Sundararaman, Shrinath Suresh, Ankan Ghosh, Sampath Kumaran Ganesan

Enhanced MLFlow – Pytorch Integration

MLflow is a popular MLOps tool to manage a machine learning lifecycle but lacked support for Autologging parameters, metrics, and artifacts related to a PyTorch deep learning workflow. We worked closely with the Facebook AI Research (FAIR) team to add Autologging and provided support to load the native TorchScript models. We thereby enabled the saving […]


The goal of ModelMapper is to make object mapping easy, by automatically determining how one object model maps to another. In the same way a human would, while providing a simple, refactoring-safe API for handling specific use cases. The existing model mapper did not support “java.util.Date” conversion. We fixed this, so the conversion worked for […]


We used the open-source FormIO plugin for dynamically generating forms in an application. While using FormIO for file uploads, we faced a limitation; we were unable to send in custom headers as part of the request URL. There were hacky workarounds to solve this issue in the backend. But, the ability to use custom headers […]


MongoDB is a widely used database. In a project, we used Feathers-Mongoose, an Object Document Mapper (ODM) for MongoDB. In the second quarter of 2018, MongoDB added support for database transactions. However, this new feature could not be leveraged using Feathers-Mongoose. So, we made the necessary code changes and raised a Pull Request. After a […]


CASL is an isomorphic authorization JavaScript library which restricts what resources a user is allowed to access. All permissions are defined in a single location, without being duplicated across UI components, API services, and database queries. Contributor Gowthaman

Generator Feathers Plus

We use Feathers+ in projects for developing the API layer. It provides a system-agnostic way of interacting with various databases by representing them as JSONs. The JSONs are validated using a JSON Schema. We noticed that the JSON Schema was not updated recently and it was preventing us from using some new features. We raised […]