Rapid prototyping of models with data is commonly practiced in Data Science to find the best fit models. Autoprototype is a python library that helps a user automate rapid prototyping and select the model hyperparameters. The user needs to pass the data and a few other parameters, and this tool will suggest: a. the model […]

Datascience Lab

ML Ops using SageMaker This Experiment was carried out keeping in mind the complexity behind managing multiple ML Models in production, and a rationale behind how MLOps helps solve this problem. The code will help you to get started with implementing the MLOps process in AWS SageMaker. The implementation part can be done through the […]

CCAvenue for VirtueMart

VirtueMart is an open-source extension component provided in Joomla for e-Commerce solutions. It has a few built-in payment gateway integrations, but sorely misses one with CCAvenue. This plugin bridges that gap by enabling the CCAvenue payment gateway integration for VirtueMart. Contributors Madan, Vivek

Loopback for API + Isomorphic + React Router + Flux

Loopback by default comes with Angular. This is a Loopback starter app if you want to use React with it. We have also added our usual tools-of-the-trade like ESLint as a linting tool for javascript and eslint-plugin-react for JSX. Contributors Rajesh, Dinesh, Vivek

CRA + Redux-Saga + TS

This is a boilerplate to create a new React Application with Create React App as a base, using Typescript. It provides integrations with Redux, Redux-Saga, React Router, and Material UI. Contributors Rajesh, Mukundhan, Srikanth

Expression Builder

Pretty much in every enterprise application we build, we find ourselves needing a query / expression builder with a nice modern UI. Since we didn’t find a good open source component for this, we decided to roll out our own. To make it reusable, we designed it in a manner it can be easily bolted […]

Hyperledger Fabric Bootstrap

This project gives you a framework for setting up a hyperledger fabric v1.1.0 network on multiple VMs. We are using Vagrant with libvirt/KVM to create VMs. Other setups will work too, with some changes to the Vagrantfile.


NebTest will automate unit testing of Nebulas smart contracts. It enables you to: Automate smart contract testing on both testnet and mainnet Run test case with multiple test data sets at the same time Run test cases in a clean state, by deploying a smart contract before each test case Contributor Siva

Mean Idea

Our opinionated take on a MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node) – modeled on We added a few handy features that we found ourselves repeatedly using. This comes from our deep experience in Node.js and related server-side JS tech.

Mean Idea Rel

Very similar to our Mean Idea. The only difference is that we replaced MongoDB with a Relational Database. Again, this is something we found ourselves repeatedly using, so we thought others might find it useful. Contributor Vivek