We are looking for super smart techies to join our cloud engineering team that is developing a large scale, true cloud-native application. You will get an opportunity to leverage the latest technologies like Spring cloud, Netflix OSS components and CloudFoundry to build a Microservices based architecture.

Skills required:

  • Strong fundamental design and development
  • Strong Java, J2EE background
  • Experience working on at least one complex enterprise system

Preferred skills:

  • Cloud architecture
  • Distributed design patterns like circuit breaker, tolerable reader etc
  • Asynchronous and reactive idioms
  • Microservices architecture principles
  • Microservices components like API visualization (Zuul), Hysterics, Consul etc

If you don’t have experience, it’s fine. As long as you have strong design and development skills, we will bring you up to speed.

Have something to add to the conversation? We’re all ears!

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