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Software Services for Post-Acute Care Providers

Build Tech to Make Patient Care Smarter

Add the skills you need
Outsource part or all of your software project to our team of trained experts who understand post-acute care industry

Get better data
Build mobile applications that put the hospital at your fingertips

Process information quickly
Utilize machine learning engines that analyze to determine what to do next

Keep your systems secure
Protect your data with advanced encryption algorithms and authentication protocols

Trust Ideas2IT for Your Software Project

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Post-Acute Care Software Services

HIPAA-Compliant EHR/EMR Systems

Protect personal health information with systems built for sensitive data

Application Add-Ons

Extend the capabilities of your existing apps with features such as telehealth

Mobile App Development

Reduce data entry errors and boost operational efficiency with apps that move with staff

AI/ML Systems

Analyze HEDIS data to ensure patient satisfaction and high quality of care

Patient Management

Track patient information across your campus to generate optimal care plans

Document Processing

Extract data from physician orders and medical charts to make care quick and efficient

Why Choose Ideas2IT for Post-Acute Care Tech

Modern Software Systems

Upgrade outdated and legacy systems to meet the demands of a 21st century patient

Expert Technical Skill

Work with trained professional engineers that can turn a vision into reality

Post-Acute Care Experience

Get a team that knows technology for post-acute care end to end

User Friendly Design

Intuitive user interfaces to streamline functionality for staff and patients alike

Strategic Deployment

Implement your software systems without disrupting workflows or patient experience

Maintenance and Support

Upgrade and troubleshoot your system with our team of techs ready to help

Why Providers Trust Ideas2IT by the Numbers

Clients served and counting
Years developing custom software
Engineers on staff worldwide

Custom IT Solutions for Post-Acute Care

Software Engineering for Excellence in Patient Care and Operational Efficiency

Patient Outcome Optimization
Our machine learning algorithms ensure quality tailored treatment plans for each patient

Data Security Compliance
Our encryption and authentication algorithms ensure patient data is protected in accordance with HIPAA

Recordkeeping Integrity
Our document comprehension engine accurately and securely reads information from physician orders

Staff Workflow Enhancement
Our mobile apps allow staff to gather patient data from wherever they need to be

Strengthen Patient Care
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