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We offer comprehensive QA testing services for a range of application requirements, from regular desktop and mobile testing to big data and microservices. We leverage years of experience implementing testing and QA automation for our clients, and from having built and tested our own products. We work Agile, deliver continuously and have an in-house mobile QA testing lab where we experiment with cutting-edge testing tools and solutions.

Context Driven QA Testing

Ideas2IT’s premise behind context-driven QA testing service is that software is before all else, a solution to real-world problems. When testing software, we always keep in mind the business problems it solves, and thoroughly evaluate factors such as end-user needs and usage context before devising a testing approach. We understand that QA test processes, tools and methodologies are fluid and must change from one project to another.

This context-driven QA testing paradigm drives all of our testing work, from Mobile to DevOps and Big Data. No two projects are the same, and we've found that testing tools that worked perfectly well for one project aren't necessarily as good for another. So, we consider environment, perception and usage contexts, and let those guide us in designing a QA automation and testing plan

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Our QA Testing Services Framework

We’re enthusiastic proponents of the Agile methodology, and all of our QA testers and developers live by Scrum and Kanban. We believe in early validation; we reduce time-to-market by pre-empting defect.

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Why Ideas2IT

We’ve architected, engineered and tested applications for projects across diverse verticals, from Retail to Healthcare. We’ve built and tested our own products that are now used by hundreds of clients, and know what it takes to create watertight testing infrastructure. We also have an in-house QA testing services lab, and we implement all of our learnings in our projects.


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