Predict the outcome of your promotions even while planning!

Predict the outcome of your promotions even while planning using IdeaRetail, a solution that leverages sophisticated data science models to help you reliably forecast and plan promotions to reach your goals.

The complete solution for
promotion planning and optimization

Use our 'What If' analysis sand box

to pick the right products and categories for a promotion.

Predict the right promotion price

for maximised returns using our price elasticity analysis. Use this to negotiate better deals with your vendors.

Forecast the impact

of promotion affinity on items of the same or other categories, positive (Halo) or negative (Cannibaliztion).

Foresee accurately

the effects of pre and post promotion sales dip due to promotion anticipation and fatigue on your overall campaign.

Target your customers better

by using customer data, competition data, social and digital data, economic activity data and locality demographics.

Customize and extend

IdeaRetail to fit your unique needs. We understand that one size doesn’t fit all.

Integrate easily

with all major POS software and retail ERPs like Oracle Retail, SAP, Hybris etc..