Predict the outcome of your promotions even while planning!

Get accurate forecasts of your promotions even as you plan them with IdeaRetail, a solution that leverages sophisticated data science models to help you reliably predict and plan promotions to reach your retail selling goals.

Our PPO platform helps you sell better

In the era of thin margins and year round promotions, our data science based solutions can provide you predictive modelling capabilities to optimize your merchandising, store layouts, promotions, supply chain and more. Traditional retail promotions planning involves a lot of gut-based decision making. Senior managers take calls on pricing, inventory and other crucial metrics with some historical data and a lot of intuition. With our IdeaRetail platform, retailers can take the guesswork out of promotions planning. Our platform is an accelerator for data acquisition, invoking the models and presenting the models output as device agnostic API for the user interfaces to consume and present in an appropriate manner.

The platform takes a variety of different store-related data points, such as SKUs, current sales volume, historical promotional sales volume, basket affinity, etc. and adds to it other relevant data such as price points used by competing retailers in the area and real-time eCommerce prices for similar products. An important feature of the IdeaRetail framework is that it also adds loyalty analytics to the mix, customizing promotions based on customer loyalty/reward points.

The IdeaRetail Framework

Comprehensive data on your store – number of units, average sales volume on a regular day, average sales volume during promotions, buffer inventory, SKUs, endcap performance, etc. The IdeaRetail platform can gather all of this data directly from all major PoS software as well as retail ERPs such as Oracle Retail and SAP.

Historical data alone isn’t enough to make accurate predictions for promotion planning. The IdeaRetail platform is primed to acquire other relevant data, such as competitor pricing, weather, seasons, events, economic activity, demographics etc. This data can either be input by retailers, or can be acquired using IdeaRetails’s built-in data acquisition module, that intelligently identifies data sources and trawls for relevant data.

Our technology choice for the data pipeline is Luigi, because of its simple code level dependency mapping eliminating the need for complex configuration files. There may be a need for an intermediate data store for the pipeline to use while it processes the data. The data pipeline orchestrates the tasks involved in cleansing and transforming the data.

Once the data is in place, our models can accurately predict the volumes that will sell, the ideal prices to set so your margins aren’t too this, buffer inventory numbers, and also forecast correlations such as cannibalization, halo and basket affinity. Our platform also has the option to vary discounts based on loyalty, so you can reward your more loyal customers and still keep your margins.

All of the insights are displayed on beautiful, intuitive dashboards. You can have a single view of all the activity surrounding your promotions. During the promotions itself, you can watch in real-time as everything unfolds. Our platform provides a live feed of data as items are bought. Simple graphs and charts will quickly speak to the performance of your event.

Customized Insights

Apart from the insights that you can get directly from our platform, we also provide customized analytics as a service. We offer a variety of targeted insights tailored to your specific needs, from shopper behavior to elasticity analysis.All actionable, all highly relevant. Never shoot blind during retail promotions again.

Shopper Insights

We help retailers answer questions on customers shopping behavior by leveraging data science to analyze their POS and customer data and build predictive models. Segmenting shoppers based on demographic information, household data, buying patterns, income categories etc will enable retailers to be more specific in their targeting.

Category Insights

We can help category managers gain appropriate insights into the performance of brands and sub categories. Category Assessment provides a scorecard on the current performance of a category at the category, sub category, brand and SKU level, which can be used to predict and forecast actionable insights.

Promotion Insights

Recent studies indicate that promotions contribute close to 35% of the revenue for retail chains. But how effective are these promotions? Our Data Scientists dig deep into data to provide these insights, with Price Elasticity Analysis, Promotion Decomposition Analysis, Affinity Analysis etc.

Platform Features

Our PPO platform can be used to get your promotions up and running in no time. Don’t punt; base your decisions on cold hard facts. We also recognize that one size doesn’t fit all, which is why our platform can be customized to fit your unique needs.

Analysis Sandbox

Analysis Sandbox

A test environment where you can pick the right products and categories for your promotion. See how outcomes change based on varying input parameters, and model your promotions exactly the way you want them to be.

Price Prediction

Price Prediction

Using a variety of historical and input data, IdeaRetail forecasts ideal prices for maximised returns using our price elasticity analysis and promotion decomposition analysis. Use this to negotiate better deals with your vendors.

Impact Forecast

Impact Forecast

Predict the impact of promotion affinity on items of the same or other categories, positive (Halo) or negative (Cannibalization). Proper prediction models will help in identifying these effects prior to the promotion and forecast the net effect of the promotion considering the affinity influences.

Behavioral Targeting

Behavioral Targeting

Segment shoppers based on demographic information, household data, buying patterns, income categories and more. Identify top shoppers by ranking them based on their purchase behavior metrics, and send the right messages at the right time.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

IdeaRetail integrates easily with all existing retail Point of Sale systems, as well as with ERPs (SAP, Oracle, Infor, Epicor), Vendor Managed Inventories and Retail Management Systems (Springboard, Brightperl, etc).

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