Customized Insights

Apart from the insights that you can get directly from our platform, we also provide customized analytics as a service. We offer a variety of targeted insights tailored to your specific needs, from shopper behavior to elasticity analysis.All actionable, all highly relevant. Never shoot blind during retail promotions again.

Shopper Insights

We help retailers answer questions on customers shopping behavior by leveraging data science to analyze their POS and customer data and build predictive models. Segmenting shoppers based on demographic information, household data, buying patterns, income categories etc will enable retailers to be more specific in their targeting.

Category Insights

We can help category managers gain appropriate insights into the performance of brands and sub categories. Category Assessment provides a scorecard on the current performance of a category at the category, sub category, brand and SKU level, which can be used to predict and forecast actionable insights.

Promotion Insights

Recent studies indicate that promotions contribute close to 35% of the revenue for retail chains. But how effective are these promotions? Our Data Scientists dig deep into data to provide these insights, with Price Elasticity Analysis, Promotion Decomposition Analysis, Affinity Analysis etc.