In the era of thin margins and year round promotions, our data science based solutions can provide you predictive modelling capabilities to optimize your merchandising, store layouts, promotions, supply chain and more. Traditional retail promotions planning involves a lot of gut-based decision making. Senior managers take calls on pricing, inventory and other crucial metrics with some historical data and a lot of intuition. With our IdeaRetail platform, retailers can take the guesswork out of promotions planning. Our platform is an accelerator for data acquisition, invoking the models and presenting the models output as device agnostic API for the user interfaces to consume and present in an appropriate manner.

The platform takes a variety of different store-related data points, such as SKUs, current sales volume, historical promotional sales volume, basket affinity, etc. and adds to it other relevant data such as price points used by competing retailers in the area and real-time eCommerce prices for similar products. An important feature of the IdeaRetail framework is that it also adds loyalty analytics to the mix, customizing promotions based on customer loyalty/reward points.