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The client was a US-based Fintech firm with USD 4 Billion in disbursements and 1.5+ million customers from the underserved banking market. To launch its new products, the client was looking for a partner with Fintech SMEs and a strong tech team to develop its origination and servicing applications. Our tech architects, DevOps experts, front end developers, mobile engineers, UI designers and software testers collaborated in the project to deliver an Integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System that was highly scalable, and cloud-based microservices solution. This CRM enabled a 20% jump in y-o-y quarterly revenue for the client.


A US-based fintech firm wanted to expand its market footprint by launching new Credit Card and Automotive Loans products in a manner that was fast, efficient and ensured a high rate of conversion. To facilitate this, the client was looking for a technology services partner with FinTech expertise and a strong technology team to develop origination and servicing applications that would help in rapid Go-To-Market (GTM).


Project required the expertise of a diverse set of expert teams

The engineering team had to work with multiple stakeholders - the Design team, Client Marketing, Sales, Branding, Product owners to freeze the product roadmap.

Stakeholders were working out of multiple locations (multiple locations in the US, Mexico and multiple locations in India)

US Fintech regulations had to be followed

Being a Financial application, the project demanded a highly secured system

Faster time-to-market ask from the business team called for tight Agile/DevOps implementation without any leaks

Legacy applications were built using heterogeneous tech stack - RubyonRails, Java, NodeJS, Polyglot. Hence specialized experience was required to set up the application base.

Legacy system had shared services needed to function BAU post the product launch as well

With 70% of users being Spanish, the application was required to be multi-lingual.

The end-user base were not tech-savvy, hence the app required interfaces that were accessible, easy-to-use and intuitive.

OUR Solution

Leveraged the vast finance domain experience to chart out intricate business rules to handle CRM (Leads to Applicants to Clients), electronic KYC, Risk, Pricing, Fraud Handling, Payment System Integration and Card Processing

Our AWS-certified Technology Architects with knowledge of AppDynamics steered the engineering steps to deliver a highly scalable, cloud based, microservices solutions.
They also built a robust DevOps environment that aided quick iterations to market.

The Front-End and Mobile engineers leveraged latest tech stack (Angular 8, Ionic) to develop a Progressive Web Application that catered NOT only to the business functionality but also to the NFRs like responsiveness, personalization and internationalization

Our in-house design studio, with hybrid thinkers and designers, worked with client’s Marketing team to design an intuitive system that leveraged the firm’s branding and elevated conversions.
Design sprints of our team helped iterate multiple wireframe versions that resulted in getting frequent business feedback.

Our compliance experts helped devise and implement Privacy Policies and Resources to cater to US Privacy requirements.
The end customers were given complete freedom to choose privacy options that suit their interests.

Our seasoned QA team laid out the Test Strategy to ensure tight gating and hence a high-quality application.
The made the best use of automation tools – Selenium, Protractor and Appium to automate not just regression test cases, but also complete functional test suites.

The Results

The client successfully launched its Credit Card and Automotive Loans products.

A Leads Management System (LMS) was launched to help agents handle prospective clients for all the client’s FinTech products. This resulted in an effective cross-selling of products leveraging the centralized Lead Database.

The CRM helped establish a smooth integration between different products – Personal loans, Credit Card and Auto loans.

All these resulted in a 20% growth in y-o-y quarterly revenue for the client.

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