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Slash development costs by up to 32% with our Custom Nearshore Solution

Significant cost savings with the quality and convenience of onshore teams without the timezone problems that plague offshore teams.

But first, we’d like to introduce Ideas2IT TriShore

A custom-designed outsourcing solution that combines the strengths of Nearshore and Offshore

Onshore (US)

  • Project Management & Team Leads are seated in your location.
  • Encourage easy day-to-day collaboration and task management.

Nearshore (Mexico)

  • Technical Architects, Testing Engineers & Product Owners are placed in a Nearshore destination with minimal timezone difference.
  • This arrangement helps you beat the talent crunch in the US, while saving up to 50%.

Offshore (India)

  • Our Fortune-grade development team in India takes the lead on coding and functionality development during your night time.
  • The code is ready for your review and testing during your day.

Cost Calculator

Onshore vs Ideas2IT TriShore

See the Nearshore effect

Build more on the same budget – don’t compromise on your roadmap

Simply tweak the number of personnel below to build the personalised team you require.
Play around until you see the nearshore break-up that would work for you!

Here’s a sample team to get you started:

Fully Onshore Cost

$0 per month

For a 0 person team.

Ideas2IT TriShore Cost

$0 per month

For a 0 person team.

You Save 0%

Team Breakdown

  • usa

    0 Onshore

  • mexico

    0 Nearshore

  • india

    0 Offshore

Experienced, Skilled & Ready: Learn how we achieved 54% cost savings for a leading US healthcare company without compromising on talent or quality

It’s just not saving on cost.

Nearshore comes with other benefits too.

No more time zone differences – so that work happens during your working hours, making real-time collaboration easy

Similar IP laws ensure complete protection for your tech. Risk, Vulnerability and all the Security Controls are meticulously implemented across projects.

Similar work culture as compared to the US, making day-to-day interactions seamless

Always available for in-person meetings. On-arrival visa processes make face-to-face meetings with your Nearshore teams easy

Ramp up or down based on business needs – Expanded talent pool placed offshore and nearshore allow for an elastic workforce.

Have something on your mind that you would like to discuss with us?

Why Nearshore? And why Mexico?

Read our e-book and see how we came up with the Ideas2IT TriShore solution. Get insights on how we evaluated 8 locations across various metrics to see what would work best for YOU.

Our Clients

What clients say about Ideas2IT

Ruchika Singhal-Vice President
Ruchika Singhal

Vice President - Global Health & Medtronic Labs at Medtronic, US

We witnessed an 815% increase in patient enrollment and an overall 184% increase across all our programs. I highly recommend Ideas2IT.
Sebastiaan van Kemp

Innovations Manager at Access Technology Group, Netherlands

With their technical architecture and product engineering, they developed a robust application that was secure, scalable, and cloud-ready.
Eric Westberg-Managing Partner
Eric Westberg

Managing Partner at Summit Digital
Group, US

Thanks to our partnership with Ideas2IT, a leading US University is now able to positively impact child development. I certainly recommend Ideas2IT.

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About Ideas2IT

Ideas2IT was founded in 2009 by an ex-Googler, to bridge the gap between Thinking-for-Business and Custom Product & Software Development. The company counts Fortune companies like Facebook, Bloomberg, Microsoft, Siemens, Roche, and Netsmart among its clients.

The Inc. magazine currently lists Ideas2IT as one of the fastest-growing companies in the US.

Ideas2IT typically works on innovation-led product engineering projects. The company is best known for leveraging cutting-edge technologies and their technical depth. Know more at

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