While the overall security of web applications has continued to improve, it still leaves much to be desired. Reports state that about 66-94% of all web applications still have a security vulnerability. Key takeaways regarding web applications are below:


Hackers can attack users in 9 out of 10 web applications. Attacks include redirecting users to a hacker-controlled resource, stealing credentials in phishing attacks, and infecting computers with malware.


Unauthorized access to applications is possible on 39 percent of sites. In 2019, full control of the system could be obtained on 16 percent of web applications. On 8 percent of systems, full control of the web application server allowed attacking the local network.


Breaches of sensitive data were a threat in 68 percent of web applications. Most breachable data was of a personal nature (47% of breaches) or credentials (31%).

Given this landscape, it becomes imperative to refer to a comprehensive list of Web Application Security Standards and use it as a ready reckoner. Please download our comprehensive ready reckoner developed inhouse by our experts.


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