Generating audience analytics for a multichannel YouTube network

Our Solution We crawled millions of records to fetch data on audience analytics, with cross-linked data from G+ & Facebook. We then used Coefficient Correlation and Linear Regression to deliver analytics for 2000+ brands, using videos that covered just 3 brands.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) for discovering enterprise events

Our Solution Interesting enterprise events happening all across your IT ecosystem are converted into a live stream of events organized around Topics. Real-time analytics engines take action on these events like intelligent routing. For UX, we leveraged the principle of 20% of actions are performed 80% of the time. We enable this 80% via messaging, […]

Exclusive access to live events from mobile camera feeds

Our Solution This had several challenges. Choosing the right backend server and rendering engine for the Android platform. Rigorous memory management techniques to ensure the best possible stream quality. Working on Bare Metal Android Canvas code to efficiently handle the incoming video feed. Intelligent switching between supported protocols (RTSP, RDP and HTTP/HTTPS) based on the […]

Mobile-delivered workouts

Our Solution Power 20 follows a single pattern across its 14 different applications. The application has been built from ground-up to work with data from the server without any local setting. A single codebase/package is compiled and deployed with different configurations to enable 14 applications per platform for a total of 28 applications on iOS […]

Daily deals from retail stores, restaurants, multiplexes and more

Our Solution Never miss out on a striking deal, as SnapMap brings you daily deals from retail outlets, restaurants, multiplexes and more. Once you’ve made the deal and enjoyed the service, you can rate and share it with anyone. If you’re a service provider, lead users directly to your deals with SnapMap and drive sales […]

Location tracking of services rendered for fraud prevention

Our Solution We used Angular.js and jQuery to develop a mobile app with a responsive UI, so that field teams could also use it on a tab. OpenStreetMap (OSM) was used for mapping core data because it’s free and is used by the likes of Foursquare and Evernote. For mobile-friendly interactive maps, we chose Leaflet […]

Intelligent B2B prospecting

Our Solution The system we have built has collected over 5 million company names and 8 million contacts. We continue to add 10,000 data daily and we are looking to reach 1 billion data points (which is about 30 million companies) in the next 6 months. Firm-specific data from several disparate sources is first collected. […]

Collaborative lead tracking for an automobile manufacturer

Technical Challenges A considerable number of dealers were based in rural locations of developing countries. They had very poor internet and mobile connectivity. Our Solution A mobile app was developed for the dealer in React Native while the manufacturer and financier web applications were developed in React. Isolation of component rendering from API calls was […]