Improving reporting performance by over 90X

Our Solution We reduced the average report generation time of a healthcare company to 10 seconds, this a 90X performance improvement despite reducing the number of RDS instances by 20%. To do this, we first identified the performance bottlenecks in the current system using AppDynamics. Then we re-architected the data replication strategy. We optimized encryption/decryption […]

Distributed Supercomputer using Blockchain and Machine Learning

Our Solution We built a Distributed Supercomputer where any computer on the internet running Windows, Mac or Linux could serve as a node. The nodes that are used for distributed computing are clustered using the Expectation-Maximization algorithm which buckets similar nodes into a cluster. The assignment of a node for doing a computational task is […]

Automated pricing using Deep Learning

Our Solution Our application delivered instant quotes using AI, for the first time without human intervention. This reduced discounts and increased quote conversion by about 20%.  The application used historical CRM data,  decision trees, co-occurrence matrix, prediction engines, neural nets, and deep learning.