Cloud Security by Detecting Event Log Anomalies Using Machine Learning

ML-Based Anomaly Detection in Event Logs

Our Solution We set up a continuous feed of raw data logs, using AWS Kinesis from AWS CloudTrail. Data were then grouped by Time, Usertype, and Logtype into multiple batches. From these batches, variables were generated to be fed into a Machine Learning model that predicted if the data entry was an anomaly, using logistic […]

Determining clinical events timeline from a Doctor’s notes using Natural Language Processing

Our Solution We identified medically significant events like ‘infections’, ‘antibiotics’, ‘surgery’, ‘x-ray’, ‘lab test’, and more. We then leveraged NLP to arrive at the occurrence time of significant events by identifying temporal expressions like ‘today’, ‘two weeks ago’, etc., extracted from the multiple documents and correlated them with the date of document creation. We then […]

Productivity and event scheduling app

Our Solution This app gives users the options to schedule their day, share daily plans, organize events like birthday and promotion parties, invite friends, conduct polls, and chat within a group. They can also sync their entire list of Google, Yahoo, and Group Agendas calendars and keep a tab on all future events.

Mobile-delivered workouts

Our Solution Power 20 follows a single pattern across its 14 different applications. The application has been built from ground-up to work with data from the server without any local setting. A single codebase/package is compiled and deployed with different configurations to enable 14 applications per platform for a total of 28 applications on iOS […]

Trading platform to propose fund and settle transactions

Our Solution We shipped a supply chain financing platform with complex user and company on-boarding process, and trading platform to propose fund and settle transactions. On-boarding widgets were implemented using Angular.js.

Intelligent B2B prospecting

Our Solution The system we have built has collected over 5 million company names and 8 million contacts. We continue to add 10,000 data daily and we are looking to reach 1 billion data points (which is about 30 million companies) in the next 6 months. Firm-specific data from several disparate sources is first collected. […]

Distributed Supercomputer using Blockchain and Machine Learning

Blockchain and Machine Learning

Our Solution We built a Distributed Supercomputer where any computer on the internet running Windows, Mac or Linux could serve as a node. The nodes that are used for distributed computing are clustered using the Expectation-Maximization algorithm which buckets similar nodes into a cluster. The assignment of a node for doing a computational task is […]