Natural Language Processing (NLP) for discovering enterprise events

Our Solution Interesting enterprise events happening all across your IT ecosystem are converted into a live stream of events organized around Topics. Real-time analytics engines take action on these events like intelligent routing. For UX, we leveraged the principle of 20% of actions are performed 80% of the time. We enable this 80% via messaging, […]

Productivity and event scheduling app

Our Solution This app gives users the options to schedule their day, share daily plans, organize events like birthday and promotion parties, invite friends, conduct polls, and chat within a group. They can also sync their entire list of Google, Yahoo, and Group Agendas calendars and keep a tab on all future events.

Daily deals from retail stores, restaurants, multiplexes and more

Our Solution Never miss out on a striking deal, as SnapMap brings you daily deals from retail outlets, restaurants, multiplexes and more. Once you’ve made the deal and enjoyed the service, you can rate and share it with anyone. If you’re a service provider, lead users directly to your deals with SnapMap and drive sales […]

Location tracking of services rendered for fraud prevention

Our Solution We used Angular.js and jQuery to develop a mobile app with a responsive UI, so that field teams could also use it on a tab. OpenStreetMap (OSM) was used for mapping core data because it’s free and is used by the likes of Foursquare and Evernote. For mobile-friendly interactive maps, we chose Leaflet […]

Intelligent B2B prospecting

Our Solution The system we have built has collected over 5 million company names and 8 million contacts. We continue to add 10,000 data daily and we are looking to reach 1 billion data points (which is about 30 million companies) in the next 6 months. Firm-specific data from several disparate sources is first collected. […]

Collaborative lead tracking for an automobile manufacturer

Technical Challenges A considerable number of dealers were based in rural locations of developing countries. They had very poor internet and mobile connectivity. Our Solution A mobile app was developed for the dealer in React Native while the manufacturer and financier web applications were developed in React. Isolation of component rendering from API calls was […]

Design Thinking Led Product Strategy to Increase User Engagement

Our Solution We felt that the app was missing out on several potential use-cases and approaches that would boost their customer base and engagement levels. We brainstormed with the client and arrived at multiple use-cases; ultimately narrowing it down to the following: Event listing and contest feature Family-friendly portrayal of KissCam Voting on their favorite […]

End-to-end automation of flight operations using MEAN stack

Our Solution End-to-end flight operations automation was achieved using MEAN stack. This included booking, crew planning, pilot reports, and various other reports. A modern flexible UI was implemented using Angular. It captured a large set of information from Pilot reports and enabled the dynamic display of crew scheduling.