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March 27, 2024

Ideas2IT announced their partnership with to provide seamless Documents to Data to Decisions Automation. When faced with multiple documents, AI and automation tools that enhance decision-making systems are prone to incomplete, inaccurate data and insights, and IN-D is hoping to bridge this gap with its AI-powered product suite.Artificial Intelligence, and Automation are playing an increasingly important role in enhancing Customer Experience (CX) and bettering Decision Making systems. But IDC studies clearly indicate that in spite of a $550B spend in these areas, an automated process breaks at the sight of a document.IN-D products understand documents and images, extract the data from them with minimal training, synthesizes it, and feeds it to Decision Making systems. IN-D achieves this with a combination of Computer Vision (CV), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and also leverages Machine Learning / Deep Learning models in specific use cases.

With its plug-and-play deployment model, IN-D outdoes other current OCR and Intelligent Document Processing technologies.Commenting on the partnership, Gayathri Vivekanandan, CEO, Ideas2IT said, “Our technical depth in AI-ML and Computer Vision makes this partnership with IN-D an ideal match. We are already handling multiple projects that leverage these technologies for clients like Facebook, Siemens.

IN-D’s product suite fills the right spots in our automation workflow projects.”IN-D is rapidly transforming operations across industries like Retail Banking, Insurance, and Enterprise Procure-to-Pay Products. IN-D easily integrates with a broad range of enterprise applications and Orchestration tools to enable processes like KYC (Signature Verification, ID Verification, Facematch), Credit Check (Bank and Financial Statement), Expense Management, Insurance Claim Settlement (Invoice Processing, ICD 10 Coding, CPT Coding, etc.), Audit Controls Testing, Contract Management, and Employee Onboarding.Sharing thoughts about this partnership, Rahul Chandra, Co-founder & Chief Business Officer, IN-D said, “Key challenges with the adoption of the current AI-based solutions to solve ‘document to data’ problems are the need for large data sets, time, and money for training.

IN-D is addressing this through pre-trained, ready-to-deploy AI models for various business processes across industries. We want to keep our focus on developing cognitive solutions and our partnership with Ideas2IT will help us arrive at more creative ways to leverage our product suite”.Read this article online here.