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“A promising career transforms not just a person’s life, but the lives of all people connected with that person.”
Ideas2IT CEO

Murali Vivekanandan

Founder & Chairman, Ideas2IT

At Ideas2IT, we have seen the difference our IT careers have made to our families. And that is why we want to extend the “opportunities to progress” that we have come across in our lives, to more people in need of it.

We started our journey with Ideas2IT in 2009. In all these years we have been around, it’s safe to say that we have mastered the art of recognizing unpolished gems, training them, and giving them their first IT job opportunity.

So we are hereby relaunching the Ideas2IT Foundation to leverage our talent-spotting and training capabilities to build a giveback service for the community. So that we could reach young bright talented people in our hinterlands, train them, and help them build a career in IT.

By identifying and training undiscovered talent, we believe we can make a difference to whole communities connected with the individuals we are helping. As a beautiful implication, we are also giving back to the IT industry by expanding its talent pool.

Current initiatives - a humble but determined start

Our Ideators Pradeep and Praveen have set out for Tirunelveli on 6th June, 2022. Giving up on valuable time at their home and family, they will spend a month in Tirunelveli to train first batch of young graduates from humble backgrounds. This will be followed by two months of stay + training at our Chennai development center. At the end of their training, we will give these young gems the opportunity to start their IT careers with us.

We have supported several COVID-stricken micro-entrepreneurs with enough funding to restart their businesses. We also sponsored the school fees of several children whose parents lost unemployment during the pandemic.

Tech Ninjas is our NodeJS team of Backend Developers. They donated their hackathon winnings to help Selvam pay his children’s school fees. Despite not earning enough for several months, Selvam’s kids continue their education, thanks to our support.

Our Project Manager helped Raji financially when he was laid off during the pandemic, and helped him set up his own food cart. As the food cart had to be closed down during the second wave, our Project Manager continued to help Raji’s family with their monthly financial needs.

Venkatesh used to run his tea shop, right outside our office. His financial plight caused by the pandemic tugged the heartstrings of several of our people! They have pledged their financial support to him, till the time he is able to open shop again.

We planted 1000 trees in collaboration with the Sristi Foundation. The project was done using the Miyawaki method, to create an artificial forest of fruit trees in Sristi Village, some 30 kilometers from Puducherry, Tamil Nadu.

We helped a bright student called Harini, who had recently lost both her parents. We paid her college fees so that she could complete her degree, build a stronger career, and become financially independent.

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